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I'm basically putting audio into a webcomic. I thought it would be a cool idea since nobody's ever done it before.

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well her outfit is the height of fashion after all

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Kyrie doesn't smoke but she carries a lighter JUST to light his cigarettes for him. A woman who will do that for you will learn how to cook and all of the shit you want for a submissive woman. And while they're doing this, she's a fucking detective or some shit so she's hard as fuck and probably beats criminals until they confess which is totally cool with me, as long as she brings that shit home too.

Rosa's awesome because she won't stand for any shit you try to pull. After like 5 years of being married to her, you'd be the sort of man that shits lightning and pisses heroine. You'd be punching through fucking titanium and then laughing at the puny element that DARED to stand to your manly fist.

Natsuhi is good. She's pretty awesome, and she'll stick up for you so you don't look bad. But are you going to be a better man out of it? No. Are you ever going to wipe that fucking stuffy look off her face? No.

Eva? Fuck Eva. What has she done other than "kill everyone"? That's fucking right: nothing. Why the fuck do you think George has some sort of furniturephilia? That shit's disgusting. Would you fuck your chair? Your desk? Some picture frames? A wardrobe? Fuck no you wouldn't.

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In the second Episode Rosa shotguns everybody and hoardes the keys.

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delicious side boobs.

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Oh god I want to see every character with a vagina wear Gaap's costume.

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For the sake of milfs, its time for me to contribute all i have

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I'd fuck pretty much everyone in Umineko except Kinzo, Gohda, and Nanjo.

(That's right, Genji and Kumasawa ARE in there.)

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Buy your clothes at the Gaap.

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I really love them.

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