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The end of the year can get a little brutal. November has three gameplay games. December has two as well. (one being not for everyone I guess?) If you generally like those, that'll be your freetime in December/January I guess. And these months aren't completely empty aside of that either.

Until then however, backlog time. Although I'll probably try that trap protag game this month. Don't even really know why. I tried two games by Carolworks, but neither was particularly good. Okay, dad was great in one of them, with his voice being even greater, but still. Probably just because trap protags are something different once in a while and there's not much if you exclude Ensemble and Navel.
Anyone looking forward to something this month?

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Sometimes men are just the better women. But, while maybe something eroge players tend to forget, you don't need to stick your little buddy into every woman around.

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This guy. Superb voice-acting as well.

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