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I'm not quite sure what sort of satisfaction you get out of posting that over and over again, but it's nice that you have hobbies, I suppose.

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No, I can definitively say that the world is boring. Well, it's not like I'll be believed, but:
I've walked across two continents in my life. I speak spanish, german, japanese and french at various levels of skill. I've been married and divorced. I've had unprotected sex in the missionary position with the lights out for procreation purposes. (heh) I've been to college twice. I've been a bricklayer, a bartender, an ordained minister, an apprentice electrician, a network administrator and a junior high school history teacher. I've driven through a tornado, built a shopping mall in texas, built a school for disadvantaged kids in mexico, and I currently have a headcold of the highest fucking caliber. I can definitively say two distinct things about my 30 years of life:
The world is boring
Humanity is completely predictable.

Sorry to bother, here's a picture of my favorite Touhou.

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I'm having this problem where I want to like the game but none of my favourite touhous are in it so it loses half of it's appeal. Needs a mokou patch.

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