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If Fantasy Heaven is so strong, then why didn't she use it on the moon?

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I'd imagine so if I managed the Reimu-only Hard mode with a couple of tries. I'm pretty weaksauce at Touhou.

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Touhou is like a giant game a of dodge ball right?

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Thank you for giving me the rare opportunity to post this.

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what's this from again?

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I met the strangest Touhou fan today over the 'tubes.

She was able to recognize me as a Touhou fan and I've discovered that she's an actual player; she plays on Lunatic and actually know some stuff about the series. She's also purely interested in the games and not in the culture (outside of a little fanart). What shocked me was that she's a normalfag (spends most of her time out with her friends) and isn't part of any online groups (she didn't even know what 4chan was) and knows little about the internet (when I asked to play PoFV, she knew what Adonis was, but did not know what a server or port forwarding was).

Now that I think about it, she sounded kind of like KirbyM (under the circumstance in which we met, it was not impossible (not Touhou related)).

I'm perplexed.

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toe-hoe or too-hoo?

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The only person to ever have canonically defeated Reimu was Suika.

And didn't Suika end up becoming Reimu's sex slave or something?

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