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You might want to check out the writer's other works. I don't think moege are even where he's good at, as the heroines grow and do a lot more in works with more going on. Kiss Ato had the big issue, that literally everything around the university and graduation was basically ignored and only mentioned for very short amounts of time. Characters won't become something special like that.

Just beware of him eventually recycling certain things. Like Fake Azure Arcology, where all the routes share the major plot, so you should definitely go with best girl first.

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Embrace the plot.

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Be careful with expecting something. Be happy even one arc/route is good. Be aware that the beginning and final arc/route (or main heroine's route) are usually the biggest offenders. CTRL exists, use it to save yourself time and headaches when it's bad.

Most good eroge out there have SOMETHING that hold them back. And if you use these simple steps, you'll go out of them with having had a good amount of fun. But if you are somehow still in the state where you, for example, don't want to skip any unread text, some otherwise pretty good works become suddenly a massive pain in the ass.
Pic related is an example there. The beginning takes a while to get going, as the writer really took his time to introduce the protag and how he lives, feels and so on and so forth, followed by a good look at the setting. It's not downright bad, but it takes a few hours to really get into it. The next issue is that all routes are extremely similar, and you are supposed to do them all if you want to get the final epilogue. (mostly something you'd want, if you like the main heroine) But due to the routes being so insanely similar, that'd be actually awful to go all through. The game is over 3mb, with the first playthrough not even being half of that. Part of the rest is left over common scenes, which are fine, but nobody likes to read 20h of copy and pasted plot with the girl swapped. As a result the EGS average reading time is also way lower than it should be for a 3mb+ VN. It's a common issue of this writer. I still think, there's a lot to like about his stuff if you aren't going through recycled content (you opinion may differ there of course). Doesn't make the issues nonexistent, but you can deal with them. Sometimes.

Even your posted screen is from a VN where stuff like this applies. That blondie game has a horrendous beginning. It makes zero sense what happens there (i.e. trained professionals not being able to catch a princess running, or a highschool student while he carries a girl?) and the way they get the protag into the setting is really forced and awkward. This gets even worse with the writer actually trying to justify things and acting as if the events happening are somewhat realistic. It's bad. Like really bad. But once you are a few hours in, how you got in no longer matters and it can even be pretty good.

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That's a funny way to spell ero.

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