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I've played Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Mushihimesama, Alltynex Trilogy, Len'en and some others far as proper bullet hells go. With shmups in general it's too much to count, but I really like Soukyugurentai, Battle Garegga, Thunder Force, Raiden, R-TYPE, Gradius, the list goes on infinitely.
Gameplay wise, I'd say Ikaruga is the best of them all. I'd put Touhou on a close second place in that list of games.

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Eirin se la come

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We're hanging on /jp/ now?

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Personally, I would suspect that I am full schizo/dreaming until I get some evidence from her.

I don't mind if that is taken as a cue to mess me up or whatever, I would rather that happen than accidently pledge undying allegiance to a gas leak or mirage.

I feel you two.

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Are closet otaku the most miserable ones?

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Yukari is the most powerful being,
she has never fought anyone with her full power because that would obliterate the entire universe and you fuckers are just jealous because your shitty waifus will never be so powerful, beauty and perfect like her.

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Touhou is literally declining.

Just look at those shitty newhus.

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You don't think Yukari would do that, would you?

Just open a gap next to her, and another one inside of Reimu, and start pouring milk into one end and out into Reimu to fill her up like a helpless water balloon? Surely she wouldn't use this as an opportunity to tease Reimu for being so excessively tight and backed up, practically ready to detonate and send a wave of fluids through the shrine? She wouldn't bring Ran along with her to calculate the exact point at which Reimu is at her fullest before she would explode, right? Isn't she above that?

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