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>screwing his friend's girl
They were more like rivals not friends, especially by the time the game starts.
>didn't want to commit to a game that could potentially make people feel ungood
This is such a flimsy excuse though. Half of the routes in Golden Hour make you feel like a stupid asshole for not picking Natsumi or Yuki. Especially in the Ruri route the first hour or so was nothing but a guilt trip for having Yuuya think with his dick.
> the doormat with the tits
That would be Suzu. Made even worse is that she was voiced by Kusuhara Yui, whom I've loathed ever since her role as the nbr imouto in Ginharu. It did not help at all that she uses the same exact overly-squeaky voice in GH.
>Apologies for the rant, I really fucking wanted that Risa route
No problem here, I completely understand where you are coming from. Niko ditched a great what-if scenario in Risa to have another moeblob heroine route.

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