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Well, he certainly knows how to move a person, but I personally like a lot other Japanese directors over him. He did create the Yojimbo franchise so that is exciting. I have a lot of his movies. directors that weren't afraid of getting creative and out there are more to my taste. For example directors creating movies like DEMON OF MOUNT OI and the legend of the 8 samurai or even The Birth of Japan (The Three Japanese Treasures). Seijun Suzuki, Kaizô Hayashi, Gakuryu Ishii, Toshiaki Toyoda, Kaneto Shindô, Nagisa Ôshima, now those are some great directors.

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These are the kind of 1980's fantasy movies I fell in love with as a child! It is a must see. You will be wrapped up into the action and story. I always thought these kinds of worlds existed in our world when I was a child. I wanted and still do want to be a hero like all of them. I never saw the movie as a child unfortunately though.

Well there are primarily two DVDs release of this movie on the international market.
One being the DVD cover image I posted,
And two being the Official Sonny Chiba DVD Collection.

I own both DVDs.

The one featured here is a weak English Dub over where it looks like the dvd was ripped off of a high quality VHS (The kind I love). It comes with some interactive features, like a trivia quiz on the storyline of the movie, scene selection, and Character and actor biographies you can read.

The Other Official Sonny Chiba Collection DVD only has trailers, scene collection, and co,es with a small pan-flit that talks about the whole entirety of the movie.

Both are great in my opinion, so I bought both. Both DVDs are available for purchase on Amazon and Ebay, but I bought mine at a local store.

Who here knows Blue Spring?

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