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This one is for all those who hate yuri.

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Yuyuyu thread?

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These two have been friends for so long I'm sure the rape is mutual.

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1. Yuri sells. It sells really well. It is making its way into more and more anime/games/novels/whatever you like. Why? Because it is easy, cheap, convenient and has a mostly untapped fanbase. It recycles characters and provides new fanservice oppurtunities.
2. Yuri defuses harem situations. Aren't we sick of the previous generation of guy ends up surrounded by girls, girls all end up punching him into the sky bullshit? Now the girls can hook up with each other if shunned, or team up in 2s or 3s.
3. Tsundere characters who appear in any medium as a rival to another female exude sexual tension. Tsun implies dere, which implies sexual attraction. Thus the ever popular and prevalent archetype of tsundere put in any harem/competition setting sets up yuri vibes.
4. Every dude wants a threesome. Or foursome. Or whateversome. But a dude only has one cock.
5. And most important, you can imply yuri and keep both the hetero-only-fans and yuri-fans happy.

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Delicious YuYu kisses.

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