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Can't argue with that, but Yukari might always have a trick up her sleeve, so be careful!
Now... how are you going to get to her house? Rumors say it is in the boundary between Gensokyo and the outside world.

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No no.
You were right with your first assumption.

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Imagine Yukari laying an egg

Like just sitting down and laying an egg like a chicken

Then she gets up and continues as though nothing happened

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Actually you can see it in the dialogue for any of the games she's in

The other characters find it awkward to be around her because they know her powerful she is

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Isn't it time for a Lady Yukari thread?

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It can't be helped, I live in the fast-lane

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Where do you live?

>Is it a common japanese name

Either way, it's not a surname. Yukari is a given name.

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