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Hey /jp/ this is really fucking important
loli and shotacon just got banned on twitter

I can't make threads because my IP switched again and some fag got it rangebanned from making threads. Can someone make a thread with the following?

Twitter to ban Loli/Shotacon - Fairy Thread

In short, this happened and Japanese Twatter threw an absolute shitstorm about it and some are saying they're panicking following this new change.
Now you may be asking "what does this have to do with /jp/?"
Nothing really, but a lot when you consider that /jp/ is the Touhou Board and a 'small' majority of it is dedicated to fucking Fairies.
Not all Lolis are Fairies but pretty much every Fairy introduced in Touhou thus far is a loli.
If you use twatter, now is the time to switch rather than later.
Hoarde your loli's /jp/. That or find some other place where Nihons can post their lolis- Like Pixiv.
Of course they won't catch all of it but normalfags always find a way to ruin the good things so expect a pitfall in images being drawn of your beloved winged onaholes.

Anyway, this is your scheduled PSA coming to an end. You may now continue onto your scheduled program.

Fairy Thread- Winter is still here but Spring is around the corner! What will you do to greet Lily when she delivers the news?

Pic Related

That's all. You can change the last part or take it out or make it about something else Fairy-like but this is really important this thread gets made and /jp/ gets notified. I'm serious.

If /jp/ can forget about geocities closing then this can easily be missed since "Japanese artists post on twitter" as some of you like to say

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Sorry man, but you leave me with no topic and I'll just post the first thing that comes to mind.
Nipple bullying.

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Bullshit, they're over a 1000 years old.

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