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Fucking report them.
I will nit give up until every good old /jp/er reports them. They act like those pieces of shit that you would hate the most in life, the type of scum who just wants to destroy our happiness. For some of us this places was our only heaven in this world and all it takes is a group of little kids who know shit about this world to ruin our lives.

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That feel...when Keine lifts her tail.

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Personally speaking, big fat butts are easier to grab onto. I enjoy Keine because her hams are large and juicy. See pictorial evidence on the left.

Compact, small butts are easier to carry around, though, so I see where you're coming from.

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Cow Vs. Gap Demon

heaven or hell duel one

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Well, why don't you just WRITE some?

You...you DOUBLE ONI.

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There isn't much, sadly.

Everyone's favorite hakutaku were should be milked more.

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>You post about Yuugi's ass all the time

Sounds like you haven't been around for the times when /jp/ is discussing Keine as a day-school teacher.

I've harbored ideas about running into her while she's on lunch break and palming her Great and Wide buttcheeks, while suckling on her plush lips. She'd try to muffle her pre-orgasmic moans so that the kids couldn't hear her.

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Boof is posting cows in my thread

[i'll help]

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