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Megaman what?

Anyway, let's have a Yukari thread. I haven't seen one in a while.

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Hitler's fascination with the occult led to the creation of Gensokyo. In some kind of reverse-time process a history was created following his thoughts (the Jews being the poor humans and his mighty Aryans being the youkai) and all of its denizens were bound to his conceptions.

Hitler and a team of Nazi scientists entered the strange world and were accepted by the youkai for their selection of cool hats and matching clothing. Hitler learned some danmaku grazing techniques that did not apply so well outside of the mystical land. His final thoughts in his bunker as the Reds closed in were to will this utopia for the master race a queen, and his newly-wed Eva was ripped through the borders and ascended to become the most powerful of all the Aryan incarnates.

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I don't like normalfags. I'll be honest, I think normal people are the cancer killing 4chan. Look at /b/'s front page, it's all 'my girlfriend' this and 'my girlfriend' that, it's nothing but posturing bravado in my eyes and it doesn't contribute to the overrall quality of a board. Want to know why night time /a/ and previously night time /v/ were remembered so fondly? Because most of the people on 4chan at 2:00am PST are not 'normal' considering societal definition, often abnormal people are the most creative though, they take out their abnormality in artistic ways. That's why so many of them are good at creative writing (look at how many famous authors have been abnormalfags). And I'm not talking serial killer abnormal or, or anyone who feels the need to identify with pathetic subcultures like emo or scene, I'm talking about people who are just quite cynical and have an understanding of the term 'dry wit'.

In short, normal people are boring - they talk about normal things, their normal life with their normal girlfriend at their normal school/college/workplace with their normal friends eating their normal food and retiring to their normal apartment/house. They aren't interesting. Take that horse head dude on Nico Nico, he's clearly as abnormal as they come, yet he's absolutely hilarious as a result. The world would be fucking BORING without people like that. Basically, /b/'s content these days is normal people dealing with normal things in a normal way ('hey /b/, i fucked such and such a girl, but X problem happened, what do I do?') Tell me honestly, is that as hilarious as hearing anons give serious advice on how to jerk off over sleeping girls? Or hearing someone recount an genuine incest story? Fuck no.

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Good morning, /jp/. I'm going to have a cup of tea and then get as much sleep as I can. What are you planning?

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(error: automatic post contents not defined)

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So, how does this thread make you feel?

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