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finna immerse in some battle harem

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shame how battle harems went out of fashion

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*saves anime*

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let's get this thread back on track
how many バトルハーレム have you watched

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Any recommendations for a battle harem with magitech weapons/mecha suits?
I'm looking for something like the ones in pic related but in VN format.

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>wonder if there's any crossover between it and Korean
the gooks originally used chink alphabet like the nips but made up their own alphabet to make it easier for commoners to learn so they aren't really related anymore

>You just buy digital from DLsite?
and DMM, both sites are worth using

but it really isn't. pic related, if someone watched enough anime they could probably recognize every pair and what series they're from just from the characters. jp works the same way, kanji is just a bunch of pictures you need to remember, if you can remember the names and series of a bunch of anime qts or the art style and name of an artist you can remember some stupid kanji

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