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You have to wonder how patient she can be after having dealt with Yukari for hundreds of years.

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A bet for 100? Now we're cooking.

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No doubt about it.

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If Yukari really sleeps for days and days I'm pretty sure she has to wear diapers to bed for that long period of time. Your body doesn't just shut down and stop pooping/peeing just because you're asleep.

I'm sure Ran has to change Yukari's diapers for her while she's asleep and while changing her, probably sneaks in a few licks.

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I remember when I first started thinking that I had a diaper fetish and it was going to be awesome to try them out. I was really careful about buying Depends at a store nobody would recognize me at.

I worked a driving job and I would seriously drive for hours and hours at a time so I just put one on. They honestly get really sweaty and I remember I was never able to actually urinate when I had to. My prostate would just swell up and I couldn't go no matter how hard I just relaxed. I gues your body just isn't used to it.

I lived out of hotels for work so I could wear them and use them alot. I would always piss in them whenever I really didn't need to and it always made me horny as hell but I don't really think it's such a great thing now. I tried it and its just like wow...I pissed in a diaper and I'm a grown man. Then I have that shame lingering over me for the rest of the day.

I must say I always slept well though. Sleeping in diapers always made me feel warm and safe.

I'm pretty glad I don't actually have to use them because I medically forced to. I still think it would be pretty romantic/cute to change a girl's diaper if she needed it though. Kind of a trust thing.

Pic related. Ran probably changes Yukari's diapers while she's asleep for long periods of time.

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Yukari has better things to do.

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I don't even understand wtf is going on in this picture.

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