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If she decided she liked you, she might do it, especially if her 'hibernation' is actually just her fucking about in the outside world during the winter months. I mean, a big part of why I like her is that she's a such a powerful, important being but she still does normal things like sleeping in and slacking off. Maybe that's just because she's a youkai, but I like it.

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You'd better believe it.

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I'd want to be Yukari's disciple or maybe shikigami. Maybe with her as a teacher I'd be able to understand calculus past II. Learning to warp reality and smoking some weed with her would be cool too.

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Somewhere in the infinity of existence, there is a place where the 2hu you love is real, and she loves you back, problems and all.

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That doesn't make it nice.

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Yukari a cute
a CUTE!!!

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beautiful young lady

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I would. I take her to a tea house. She has to drive to the avenue though, because I don't have a car. We park somewhere nearby and walk the distance to the tea house. The avenue is wide and not many cars pass by. Most people park away from it so they can walk through the gardens and window shop. Yukari tries to show me she's not the typical girl and tries her hardest not to pay attention to what's on display in the shop's windows, but then she sees a cute purple frilly dress and all her efforts would go to waste as she instinctively runs towards the window and gawks at the dress. She realizes what she's just done and jumps back, startled, her face as red as Chen's dress. She apologizes and I smile and tell her not to worry.

We finally reach the tea house. The smell of cooked pastry blends with the various tea herbs on display. The waiters dress sharply and carry themselves with pomp, in a salon of wooden pavement and restored Victorian-era furniture: comfy pillowed chairs and tables covered with embroidered cloth. Such refined atmosphere has made this tea house famed as the most refined shop in town. Luckily I made a reservation the day before so we don't need to wait for a table. We sit down and make our orders. I ask for croissants and many different types of jam to spread on them, with lemon tea on the side. Yukari asks for black tea and nothing else. She notices my puzzled look and, reaching one hand to her chest, she proudly states she's on a diet. I carelessly tell her she looks great the say she looks and that she needs no diet. Her proud, sure exterior breaks as the hand on her chest moves to her face to cover her blushing. She stutters a thank you while I smile at her reaction, finding it cute but clueless to why she did it.

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wich 2hu fug

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Yeah I've noticed that term being used a lot on their radio shows. What does 'gap moe' mean?

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eat, sleep and troll

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