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>No uggo on the pic
Bad english Neru.jpg

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Fuck you, WITH NO SURVIORS. But seriously I'm done. All I want is to keep my Usio dafe.

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Answer the question.

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But Miko and Towa are my favorites.

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>They joined this company with this premise, with the knowledge what kind of fanbase it has, with the complicit understanding of what kind of community it is.
I'm saying Cover hasn't been trying to push this image for quite awhile. There was an obvious shift between them trying to explicitly market to idolfags into them trying to market towards a more general audience. They likely explicitly scouted Coco for this very reason.

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>tfw I do more for my chuuba than any other anon here

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Even if it is Suisei and pee?

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would never happen

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i would kill myself and towa

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Subaru is good. My favorites are Miko, Flare, Towa, and Mio.

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This, but unironically. 5 years means there should only be one. The best.

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Whatever, this is /jp/ not /en/ so you need to shut the fuck up

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I mean she acts a lot like a virgin so when she said that it was probably likely, but my point is that you won't notice when she starts fucking unless it accompanies graduation

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>Holos who would rather be with women
Matsuri, miko, shion, flare
>Holos who have probably dated but didn't fuck
Haato, aqua, noel, okayu, suisei, kanata
>Holos who have had sex at least once
Aki, Fubuki, Roboco, Choco, Mio, Marine, Korone, Subaru, Sora, Watame, Luna
Ayame, rushia, coco, mel, towa

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I'll fucking kill myself

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I'd be really sad if she did because that would just be cruel. But I'm sure she'll be there bar any accident.

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>t. subhuman retard
thanks for outting yourself as a moron
wow nice blog FAG

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mmm look at those legs and do what bro?

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This, but unironically.

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She is!
No uggo on the pic!

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mine if suisei, followed by flare and kanata

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I could have sworn there is at least one of that loop in the posts above.

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