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Never mind, Artia said they're parting ways on Twitter.

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As Papa Franku put it best, "Welcome to the rice fields mother fucker!" GOD BLESS PAPA FRANKU!

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in the meantime, just imagine it


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I don't watch them but cool towa seems cool.

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You're a big cock

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When can we stop talking about chinks

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I can't get
>haaaaaaaaaachaaaaaamaaaaa suuuuuuundaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
>haaaaaaaaachaamaaaaaa chama chaaaaaaa
from my head.

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I was kinda hoping for a disgusted look...

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Sorry, meant >>28243046

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>force coco graduate
>end up losing Kanata, Fubuki right away in the process
>other's don't feel comfortable, proceeds to dwindle
>have to rebuild the foundation once again
Nice idea idiort

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I don't like her, I just dislike chinks more

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This night is going to be glorious, there's nothing more delicious than artiafags' tears

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auschwitz mode

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She's the only one I can watch from start to finish.. It's just so good

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Didn't she say it would be finish some time in November? Not the teaching stuff

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You make a good point.

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Is she feeding them cakes?

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literally a PLD what the fuck you on

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This anon browses /pol/ and unironically bitches about a culture war on twitter

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