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They shitted in front of my house and evenly fuckin said ""Let eat it please.""
What in the hell are this idiots?
Them crying take it easy is disgusting, more over, they are bodied and shitting.
If you don't mind them, you are pretty kind person; Nae, you are sweet sucker!
Looking onto guidelines, left one is a ricecake, right one is a bun. however them shit resemble to human-being's.
I didn't have mind to catch them both. Putting disposable gloves on my hands, let's commence the showtime!
Kicking and spitting the rice cake, I lean over and continue to hit it's face during the time for it's shape's changing.
Eventually, I pushed two orders of shit in it's mouth.
"Say your old one! eh!"
Of course, the bun had droven to escape.
The ricecake was twitching and repeated to say "yu" and "yu" or such as.
Through it will die as it's likes, I do stab a stalk of bamboo on it's left eye.
"Drop dead slowly."
Next morning, it will satisfy hunger of stray cats or crows.

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Click the slut's vagina for a surprise.

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Btw if anyone has a better suggestion for the domain bunbunmaru.com with unlimited hosting, do tell.

Cuz I've had that blasted thing for 8 months and that's all I've thought of.

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Okay guys use it for Touhou guro or something it doesn't actually have any rules.

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http://bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/ fixed

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For when /jp/ is down and the like.

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bunbunmaru, bought a domain and hosting a few weeks ago, to see if I could set up a better /jp/, but this means there's really no point.

Not mentioning my site at the present point in time due to the fact that its pretty pointless to do so.

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Was referring to bunbunmaru, but obviously you've lost your ability to comprehend what is written.

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Well, bunbunmaru is NSFW and there are no mods...

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Tohou news, cause its bunbunmaru and all.

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So bunbunmaru is like a touhou board, but everything goes? Count me in then.

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Taken from Bunbunmaru:

>I prefer happylight Gensokyo to grimdark Gensokyo.

It stinks already! [Thanks, Jay Sherman]

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I seem to get the impression that Bunbunmaru'll be closer knit, in the long run.

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Just buy 2 big macs and place a bun in between them.

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Maybe Bunbunmaru is the right place to discuss it, isn't it?

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That's why I thought Bunbunmaru would be a good place to start discussing it and gather/select anons.

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Alternative /jp/ since the janitor is a fag.


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Not really hard to just rename the rar to abc.rar, for example. Could also have the content of the rar passworded too, I guess.


Working fine for me.

Also you could possibly ask that guy with the bunbunmaru domain to see if he can set up a FTP or something since he said he has no idea what the fuck to do with it and he mentioned he had unlimited bandwidth. It would certainly cut out any faggotry of some cunt reporting links on MediaFire.

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I am looking for a kopipe, it can't be Yoshinoya (thats japanese for ramen) or any overused meme. It has to be of 2 or more bun (thats japanese for 2 sentences) and has be be chibi (small) sized. And has to be really okashii (funny). Also It has to be about 10-20 internets. And the seller has to post screenshots of it first (i wanted to make shure it was okashii [funny]). And it would have been nice if it came with matching Ascii Art (WITH witty comments). OH! and it CANNOT have had any weeaboo text, or been made up. It has to be made of real-life experiences, or something like that. Also it would have be nice if it was made in japan. and not in china or corea (korea) or whatever. I have found a kopipe similar to the one im describing in 4chan, but it was 1 bun, and i didnt want my tsuri (trolling) to touch my other posts (it can get wet and i would not like that, plus 2 compartments is more okashii).

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Fuck /jp/. I'm permanently moving to Bunbunmaru now. Bye.

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I'm glad there are so many people against it. Everyone who doesn't jump on Bunbunmaru like a lifeboat on the titanic would probably be shitposters anyway. They must really love Dawson.

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>He goes to Bunbunmaru

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So, that guy with the Bunbunmaru domain actually made a board?

Wow, didn't expect that. I was just fucking with him. Oh well, another backup board is always nice.

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