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Thanks for the games Quilfish. I wish I could give some advice about Remilia. She was actually the first character I ever started playing. Her move set is really tricky. Just remember that the best way to fight an Alice is to always keep her on the defensive. If she ever gets her rhythm going, with her dolls covering her melee attacks, things get much more tricky when fighting her. Make more use of crossups. The simplest example is dashing overhead and using 2A mid-dash

Still hosting, same address as >>8754568

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A person with class. I like that

Looks like I'll be here a while

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I-I-I fixed you too, you're missing a leg.

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This thread is an eyesore.

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That`s enough, scumbags! Who dares to impersonate me, Alice Margatroid, the greatest doll maker of Gensokyo?!

You dirty lowlives, you don`t deserve to even THINK about talking with me! You make me sick! You should just stay under the grounds where your place is! I don`t need you or your sympathy! Get out of my house, worm! I don`t want to see you here again!

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