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why are you like this? you know she hastes being lewded right?

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Stop lewding Suisei you sick fucks

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Stop lewding Suisei. She's not lewd and she hates being lewded. Seriously what's your problem?

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This is why watching unpopular indies is a very bad idea. The line between streamer/viewer gets blurred EXTREMELY easily on both sides.

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She really needs to ditch those glasses. Fuck FBK and fuck megane.

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Stop falseflagging using my oshi please
It's hurt when people saying mean thing to her...

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what is it about lamy's bgm that makes it oddly uncomfy?

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guess I'll do my reps then...

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I miss Comet.
I miss Haato.
I miss Kaichou.
I miss Kanata again.
I miss all the girls.

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>Hima did it again
At-atleast we're having fun.

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I'm pretty sure that copypastas been on every thread for the last 3 days.

go back to china

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Are you guys seriously going after Artia now just because she's Chinese? What the hell's wrong with you?

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what's the next arc and when is it starting? i'm already tired of this one

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>wanted to listen to Noel's utawaku again
>it's privated

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How do you keep yourself from liking a shit holo?

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I already sent her a supacha...

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>want to send a supacha
>remember people will make fun of me because of my meme currency

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>tfw all the streams atm are shit

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Nene should visit holohouse and get a lifetime's worth of pork miso soup

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