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I'll start learning japanese at university in september. I was about to do core2k but noticed that they posted a list of kanji they expect us to know for each semester (https://etudes-japonaises.unistra.fr/uploads/media/Kanji_Liste_S1_S6_2019_2020_v2.pdf). They expect us to know 1281 kanji in 6 semesters while the guide states that core2k takes about 3 months to complete. This looks like too much of a slow down. I could probably easily pass my exams by doing my own deck with this list but I want to learn, not just pass my exams (I'll stay at university for the free year in japan as an exchange student though). So I was wondering how compatible you think doing core2k would be with this list (since it seems to be isolated kanji study)? Should I use the RTK deck instead?

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