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Oh god DO WANT.

Hmm, I should shop red hair into this picture...

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but sex creates babies

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Actually, I posted a BAD END on that in pooshlmer. She falls asleep with Anon in bed after a sex rampage, and transforms. Anon is CAVED totally be accident, and dies from blood loss and a collapsed lung.

Keine/Mokou 3some is where its at though.

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[X] No

FFS people, save it. We will go outside and enter the forest and eventually find ex-Keine with Mokou. Then we will either improve the relationship or die in an awesome way, depending on whether her personally also changes.

Discovering a girl's secret and then being ok with it is a great way to win her heart and trust.

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This is the first touhou image I ever bothered saving, back in the days before tsurupettan and IOSYS.

I have only just now realized what the heck it's supposed to be after going through some old folders. Is it just me, or is there a noticeable sense of QUALITY?

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very healthy. You can tell they like to work out. just look at all the sweat.

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Fear not, that was bit an illusion

Here's reality

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