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Seeing the memories of ツムギ's lover was pretty great. I didn't expect that.
The butterflies are pretty. I enjoyed the themes around sleeping.

Couldn't see 藍's トンボ玉, both of her arms were under the blanket. Was it too difficult to draw a CG showing it?
Sprite supposedly crying but no tears on the face. Inari supposedly being angy and shooting at the 七影蝶 but his sprite shows him smiling - no angry sprite.
Speaking of sprites 蒼's sprite feels pretty out of place, and some of her CGs also are. I wonder if it's the same artist who worked on her route... the one where she reunites with her twin at the hospital is pretty bad, it's like seeing one of these very old 2000s art over a booru site when you start reaching the last pages, except fucked up.

Ending was nice. I generally enjoyed the scenes taking place at the forest. Unless I'm dumb I don't think what happened in the forest when they were kids was explained very clearly though... will it ever be or...?

With that said I can't say I loved that route. It had a lot of funny scenes for sure, but not much happened in the end. They spent their days at the 駄菓子屋 either messing around or sleeping, then at night chasing 七影蝶, and that's pretty much it... so where I'm going is that, the strong tie they tried to convey through emotional scenes just didn't do it very much to me.
I also expected her sister to get involved somehow, but nothing.
I didn't expect much of this route but in the end I think it still didn't even match said low expectations. I feel like I'm getting increasly harsh with that VN and I'm not sure if it lies in the VN's fault or if it's my mental state and mood who are ruining it for me...
I really thought Inari would play a bigger part in all of this, too.

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