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I can't wait until I can actually understand the language

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unironically, something like Skyrim Together or multiplayer Morrowind would be amazing to see the girls play together and how they roleplay it
but it will never happen because they're all mostly tech brainlets

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wrong thread

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As long as she has fun.

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God bring Ghostavich back to life

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But what about winking?

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Korone will play on easy (or at least switch to it after a deathclaw encounter) and VATS her way through the game. You can screencap this if you like, but it should be pretty obvious.

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I cried multiple times watching this. Korone is so precious...

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Why not? It's a kamige.

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Viewership has been declining, and she’s afraid of losing her EOP audience.

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what about for vacation

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god bless shigure

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In FO3 you can't blow up Megaton, the Fatman is still there but it's been renamed. Not sure if there any big differences in NV.

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I really always wanted to get into virtual youtubers, ever since Kizuna AI was created, but I can't because I don't know japanese and all the channels that I find interesting either don't get any subs at all or take too long to be subbed

what do I do? It'll take like 4 years for me to speak fluently, by that time most of the vtubers will probably be gone

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I now she has a reputation for sticking to the end of games, but it's not as if she hasn't dropped any before. Then again, she's probably already noticed that there's a lot of expectation from her viewers around NV so she won't drop it so easily.

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I just googled it, seems the Fat man is renamed, but other than that everything is uncensored.

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Yeah, anyone who thinks she's going to do a longplay of an RPG like Fallout is delusional.
Should have got Choco to do it, she could use the boost. Or maybe Aki since she likes the oh so wacky retrofuturism aesthetic.

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I think she might be filtered by the ferry man who says women are lower life forms.

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I bet it's the same guy doing that disgusting posting in Sakuya threads. I just want to be comfy why do people have to do this...

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