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I don't think I can help you, but I heard 4chanX lets you randomize filenames of a sent image, unless I misunderstood the post that mentioned it.

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Just accept you misunderstood the intent of the post. You've been at it for 2 hours

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Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for the clip of her allegedly calling an NPC doutei, not a fan. The schizo who said she called her fans that is retarded.

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akwa my poor and misunderstood akwa...

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>perpetually lower the quality of discussion.
What discussion? Seems like you misunderstood the point of this thread. This place is a fucking containment thread, if you want actual discussion then either go to personal generals in /vt/ or join some dedicated Discord server. You come here for free entertainment watching schizos throwing shits at each other and spamming variations of Towa..., not to have a civil conversation.
Also keep in mind that whatever shit the schizos in this thread say it will have zero effect on the talents themselves, despite their attempt to convince you otherwise since most of those JP vtubers don't even know the existence of 4chan.

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I'm sure that Sekibanki is just misunderstood, not edgy.

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dunno starting to think tatsu is just misunderstood, think it might be the case that he also cant stand the discord circlejerk and finds their squeaking funny
that seems to be ogs logic and i think she might be onto something

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She's a misunderstood genius.

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Maybe I misunderstood then, I thought she said it's only a few months old, a baby

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Didn't really go anywhere. Unless she was actually misunderstood and broke out to stop the war escalating.

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>tfw she misunderstood you and thinks you want to eat her out

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You might've misunderstood, kizuner posts are what go on AI-chan's art tag and every form of artistic expression goes>>40118639

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You've misunderstood the post, my friend!

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Yeah, I'm just misunderstood too... I'd still rather die than have a rape baby with Seija. I'd be unfit for marriage.

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Seija isn't a bad girl, she is just misunderstood!

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In most of the original films and stuff Godzilla was usually just a force of nature; an animal that's not really able to be "good" or "evil". Sometimes he fucks humanity, other times he just fucks up whatever monster or alien is unfortunate enough to be in the neighborhood, indirectly helping humanity. Think of him like a hurricane that just kind of screws whatever happens to be in the way at the time, with no real intent, rather than something that acts with any degree of morality.

Now, in the newer American interpretations he's without a doubt "good" though, acting as a sort of stalwart and unspeaking, if not sometimes misunderstood, defender of humanity against other monsters. Though to be fair I think a few of the Japanese series' painted him as a relatively good monster too because some of the plotlines were completely ridiculous back then. Ultimately his motives depend on whoever's writing him, it can't be helped for a character that's gone through so many different writers who all have their own ideas and interpretations of his moral ambiguity.

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you guys misunderstood me, I was talking about this >>40041520 rule

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You've misunderstood my post. I've stated before that I don't watch anime solely for her anymore. I'll pick up a show if she's playing a main or main supporting but otherwise I leave them be. If she rocks up in a show I'm not watching I'm not gonna pick up said show just for her. But otherwise I pick up shows based on my own personal taste.

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i expected him to ask for ソープ and then get misunderstood and guided to a soapland

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She was just misunderstood

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Oh fuck off. Don't reply to posts you don't even bother reading.
Never did I say that she has to solve my problems for me.
The thing I'm struggling with can be solved only by myself, so I couldn't even imply this.
All I said is I wish there was someone who could support me during this hard time.

You too have misunderstood me.
I'm not venting. If I were, I would have gone in detail about what I'm struggling with exactly, but I didn't even mention what it was.
I woke up in the middle of the night while being depressed, realized how unfair this Mikeneko relationship is and wanted to comment on it in here.

Hobbies will probably make it worse, I don't have much free time. The thing I'm struggling with has a deadline by the end of next month.
I do try to distract myself a little every day as not to lose my mind though.


captcha G0D4Y

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she unironically doesn't give a fuck about numbers
she probably doesn't even give a fuck about superchats since she spends more time with main channel instead of streaming on her own channel
i've never seen a more misunderstood holo

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Oooh, I completely misunderstood you. I thought you were referring to Marica (shit) and Valentina...

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this is a result of waifu culture dying and being misunderstood by all of the new trendhopping anime watchers

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