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This is a Japanese language learning thread for those interested in traditional otaku media and language learning methodology but not in learning Japanese.

If you have no interest in the above or want to request a translation, this is not the thread for you.

Guides and resources:

Previous thread: >>20376079

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buy them lol

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i just want my fuckin real arms back on my shruggy guy ヽ(‘~` )/

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I am a university student who is using mattvsjapan and Yogapants’ mass immersion approach to reach a high level of fluency in the languages that I learn.

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dictionaries exclude simple but long compounds even if they mean something different from what they actually mean
they also exclude obscure domain-specific jargon and very recent slang, which every person knows several thousand words/phrases of

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how do i join the ajatt/mia community without using twitter/discord and giving money to まtt?

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There is a Gensokyo within all of us!

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/jp/ suffers enough. Stop already.

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Can I please go in there and not come back out?

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this video has a otaku part in it


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leave 4chan and never return

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Does anybody know what VN this character is from?

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looks like anna from mirai nostalgia, but its hard to tell from just a thumbnail. definitely looks like purplesoft's artwork though

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It's Toriumi Yuuko from Hapymaher FD if you want the exact answer here.

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Real talk, who's the smelliest 2hu? Definitely not the Scarlett sisters or their maid since they look like they bathe daily. Meanwhile, Kogasa, Nue and Yuugi look like they fucking reek.

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Orin spends her time stealing corpses, so she probably smells like one as well

What a stinky Catgirl

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if you’ve ever been around tanuki you’ll know that they smell like actual shit

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Canon smelly.

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this little oni reeks of alcohol

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I want to pour sake on her cunny and lick it all up.

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haha it's flan!

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Flan loves her big sis!

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hi flan

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I want flan to give me a haircut using a cheese grater.

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How does this make you feel?

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Let her go!

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it is now officially my 21st birthday where i live, so to celebrate, can we have a thread for my favorite drunk oni, Yuugi?

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best artist for yuugi

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okay so i've watched Higurashi no naku koro ni before blah blah blah, And This Has Been Going On For A Long Time Now, I've Been Itching My Arm And Neck Quite Often, And One Night I Was Leaving My Bathroom And Before I Went In My Room I Looked Behind Me, And Saw A Blackish Figure.(theres no ghosts or demons in my house I AM POSITIVE 100%) Thats All I Remebered Because i ran into my room because i got so scared!. i think someone or something is following me? This Oyashiro-sama thing is just a fake RIGHT? i'm scared out of my mind o.o

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Rena gonna kill you. Run run run before she takes you home!

I too see these shadow people and I weldome them! Don't be scared of what scares you to Nipah! Embrace it!

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Rena gonna rape you!

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umineko the naku macaroni

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hug the shadow, anon, they r friendly

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Rika a cute.

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I was sent this image of Android 21, and it gave me a wicked boner. Will anyone translate it?

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Something about Mr. Sage and the pleasure of cumming inside of a futuristic willnotbereleasedbecauseofshittylawsthatdontexistbecauseactualgirlsarefuckinghighmaintainencebundlesoftroublethatlazyNEETswallowinpityaboutbutwantnoinvolvementwith- sexbot as you are redirected to another board.

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/jp/ is not your personal translation service.

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Which 2hu wants to be a mother the most?

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Kaguya or Mokou. They’re forever infertile.

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Akyuu is a terrible person and is fueled by hate and jealousy

She would be a bad mother

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>extremely old
>overly committed to her dead end job
>treats a cat like her child

Ran is the gensokyo equivalent of a barren catlady

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who are you quoting faggot?

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Previous thread: >>20378818

[New to the Game? Read first, Ask later]

EN: http://kancolle.wikia.com
EN: http://en.kancollewiki.net
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/

Recent Updates: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Recent_Updates

KanColle STAFF Twitter: https://twitter.com/KanColle_STAFF

Anon's guide to KanColle: http://pastebin.com/ec862KsG (embed)

Air superiority calculator/fleet builder:

Combat Mechanics:
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%C0%EF%C6%AE%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6
EN: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Combat

Fit gun for BBs: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%CC%BF%C3%E6%A4%C8%B2%F3%C8%F2%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6#h7905b57

Equipment upgrade values: http://i.imgur.com/1JfCOmJ.png (embed)

Useful Akashi upgrades table: http://akashi-list.me/

Drop and construction statistics:

KanColle Viewer (JP): https://github.com/Grabacr07/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (EN): https://github.com/Madmanmayson/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (KR): https://github.com/CirnoV/KanColleViewer
Electronic Observer (JP): https://github.com/andanteyk/ElectronicObserver
Electronic Observer (EN): https://github.com/silfumus/ElectronicObserver

-Maintenance has ended.
-The Winter event is planned to commence in the second half of December. It will be a small-scale event and will take place in the Central Solomons with a LBAS base at Rabaul. Nisshin will be implemented in this event. A destroyer that shared her fate with "Murasame" will also be implemented. Gotland will also be available as a drop.
-The October ranking rewards have been distributed. The new equipment are the Type 2 Land-based Recon Aircraft and the 14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai.
-Nagato Kai Ni's special attack has received an update.
-5 new quests have been implemented.
-The Midway carriers and Tone-class have received minor stat buffs.
-It is now possible to improve Type 3 Hien and Hien 1D, as well as Spitfire Mk. I on Akashi's arsenal.
-The September ranking rewards have been distributed. The equipment were the Type C Kouhyouteki. It's planned to be aquireable through a quest in the future.
-The August ranking rewards have been distributed. The equipment were the American made GFCS Mk.37 radar and the 5inch Naval Gun Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37. The equipment is related to a new shipgirl to be implemented in this coming Fall~Winter. We Fletchercolle soon.
-New furtinute has been implemented. Further UI updates have taken place in the improvement page and LBAS use.
-New Xmas mode CGs and voice lines have been implemented along with returning ones. Autumn Cloud sensei's updated winter CG hints at Kazagumo Kai Ni.
-Yuugumo-class will get more Kai Ni. Hyuuga will receive a Kai Ni as well. Gotland will receive a Kai Ni at some point to re-turn her to a seaplane cruiser.
-There are already plans for the 7th year of KanColle.
-Numerous Fletchers will be implemented in the 6th year. bob will illustrate Japanese Seaplane Tender Nisshin for the next event. Matsu-class from the Type D Destroyers are being prepared for the 7th year of KanColle.
-There are plans for expanding ASW with equipment from the land of black tea like ASDIC and hedgehogs.
-Full implementation of 2nd Sequence may take a year. Each Block will have new features added.

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Good job retard.

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Why is the elf dressed as a reindeer?

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Well done, retard.

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ok retard

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Cute virtual lesbians.

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Maybe he should switch characters

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Anyone has that pic with Osanai Mei in jail?

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I was watching the notokuban and Ai-chan explained there why she dropped the "virtual youtuber" part of her greeting.
A lot of people guessed it already but it was to extend her reach, since she does a lot of things other than youtubing. So just "Kizuna Ai" works better in that regard.

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It's all about fantasizing things you can't get normally.
Same applies to their anime girls having eyes colored other than black/brown and huge tits.

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well, /jp/ it's (almost) that time of the year again, let's be good to each other and the most beautiful version of Santa will give you a nice present

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I choose this thread. Live, LIVE

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File: 353 KB, 724x1023, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_abo_hechouchou__ffca00250b4414d6fee400a17618d05c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aya after spending the night with (you)

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Nudist Aya!

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How lovely it would be to wake up seeing Aya face in the morning.

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>tfw there are no good aya doujins

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Previous thread: >>20368518

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Why though?

>> No.20392440

It's a crappy format that you just have to mount and hope it works. There's not much you can do with it if something goes wrong.

>> No.20392804

I see Quof giving a review of Gracesta and it boils down to "The game is pretty fun and decent-good and all but I dont feel like recommending it because the main heroine is shit, and alot of the story scenes is between the MC and main heroine"

Would that sum it up?

>> No.20392851

Can we talk about how shit the BGM in Gracesta is? Only 28 tracks, vast majority are piano+violin trash, literally all of them are unfit for the scene they are in.

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Needs at least 50% off to make up for their absurd prices.

>> No.20386152

Now I need a job to get money.

>> No.20386536

Thx, Pete

>> No.20387587

Ran out of neet bux this year. Been rough.

Maybe next year will turn out better.

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I've been trying to find out wtf this kanji is for like 2 hours, I've searched for so many radical combinations and jisho.org and I'm just stuck so if anyone knows what it means that'd be freakin' great

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That one's something like "pleasant feeling" mixed with "entrance/being inside"

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Fucking legends thanks guise :D

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week, periphery, circumference, cycle, Zhou Dynasty, circuit

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Is that you, my soap opera namesake, my literary tormentor, my tantalus of the unpopular Star Treks, my Riker lookalike, my Sea Serpent of the grimy ocean world's - yeah it is isn't it...……………………………...

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Could somebody please link the nodvd patch for this game?

>> No.20385947

Nevermind, did it myself by installing a no dvd patcher that works with everything basically

>> No.20387252

Should you be playing Eustia, considering you don't know Japanese?

>> No.20387550

Explain how you managed to come to that conclusion from me requesting the patch that makes the pirated version work?

Should you be commenting, considering you clearly don't have a brain?

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made it myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8deFc-Dnd9E&feature=youtu.be

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Post your nudes!

>> No.20385577

pls go to the adult board

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