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B-but Anonymous-san, I poop from there.

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It's not funny when you need to set it up yourself, nerd.

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The NSJ shows his true face.

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first boywomb

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Does /jp/ like Shiina Momo?

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says who, people during the renaissance and colonial america had loli wives

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Skimming over this thread, everyone keeps talking about pedophilia but this girl looks like she's at least 15.

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shits old yo

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I need the source on this or similarly themed this

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>moe special attacks.

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I have this. The shit is so fucking good! I made a thread about this a few days ago and now here you are mocking me!

Do you really want the sauce, or are you just being a dick?

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Apparently when you write for sankaku and are trying to present everything as exciting and breaking news "spell card" becomes "waki exposure moe special attack".

Also if you don't know shit and are just trying to cater to every niche possible for hits.

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Why can I post on other boards but not /jp/? It's not fair.

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>I have never seen a blog that considers a picture from a internet thread worth a update over

what a magical 10 years it's been

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>New? Start here:


>E+ Changelogs:

>Elona Custom Release Thread:

>Previous Thread

Current Version: Elona+ 1.75 (1/8/2018)
Latest Custom: E+C 1.75.1

Errors? Set the compatibility of the .exe to WINDOWS 7.

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No, not only in the extreme end game, but rather any point after act 2, where the Elona+ scaling starts to hit hard. This is the point where PV and resists start to massively increase, as Elona+ monsters go up to level 200. I'm not going to go make a test character and run in the void, because a) all you need to do is just look at the scaling of resists vs damage to get a sense of why they don't scale well, and b) my main argument is the time required for one to be good vs the other, not purely whether they're equal at level 2000 everything. Spell damage increases very slowly and linearly, while resists decrease damage very quickly and start out at a massive 50% cut, gong down slightly from there.
Furthermore, in comparison to Two-handed and martial arts, both of which provide hefty damage modifiers thanks to either Two-Hand + Tactics + Weapon skill + Heavy weapon=heavy crits or MArtial Arts + Tactics (where MA provides hidden bonuses along with Clear Mind and Attribute), other forms of damage dont have nearly as many multipliers, with Dual Wield failing in the crit department, ranged lacking a DW/TH alterative and magic scaling solely based on spell level and magic.
I'm sorry you can't do a basic readover of the wiki to understand how the scaling for these things work, or that your argumentative skills are so terrible you can't counter with anything other than "Nah, that's just not true".

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It says in the post that this >50 turns in one turn damage nerf is in order to make it so when the player character's speed is lowered drastically, such as when extremely tired/slowed, the player will not immediately die due to enemies being many times as fast as them. The risk of this can be observed if you accidentally hold down a special action button when stamina is too low, and your speed goes from several hundred to ~20, letting enemies take a huge amount of turns before your next one.

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Hero cheese (3 life) or Happy apple? (20 luck)

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It's not in the config so probably not.

Hero cheese. You can farm Happy Apples later when you're all set up.

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If this is not limited to one character but applies to every turn >50 taken after the last turn the defending NPC took, then this should also make it so e.g. getting disabled and attacked by a room full of enemies should be less likely to result in instant death. The reduction also doesn't seem to apply to a number of player abilities such as volley.

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Junior idols and/or child models are banned. Posting this will get you banned.
Stop fucking doing it--it's not allowed you pedo creeps.

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>don't even pretend to be talking about lolis

Why do they have to pretend when they are talking about loli's?

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I don't want to shock you or anything but there's a penis with a skinned face for a helmut behind your post. It's looking right at me, which would also be you, the reader. I can't tell if he's screaming or laughing since I'm autistic sorry.

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Hey I just got back from work what I miss

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Happy birthday /jp/! It's already the 20th in some parts of the world, which means it's been 10 years since /jp/ was created in 2008.

I made this to celebrate. I don't have much experience with graphic design so a lot of characters don't fit well together, there's blank spaces and the background is just a blue gradient, but I hope you can appreciate it still.

PNG version: https://a.pomfe.co/npxkmp.png
.psd file so you can edit it yourself if you want.: https://a.pomfe.co/lkds.psd

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way to mainstream now

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Why did the room threads and fig threads phase out? Tea also seems to be slowly going that way

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I like reading the tea threads but I never had the energy to try out the different types of tea. I only drink English breakfast at home but I like the type of tea they give you at mom and dad Chinese restaurants. Fig and room threads probably came to be seen as blogging and discussion of that sort of thing might've moved to /a/ or /g/. Didn't we have a room thread last year?

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Figs moved to /a/ because autistic 2hu posters, and the thread became a lot more popular once it moved.

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How's that NEET life going /jp/?

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Today I bought a package of chocolate covered digestive biscuits and stole a bar of nougat chocolate which i gobbled up on the way home I'm not a fatNEET but I aspire to it!

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And do you have an email account, Josh? I'd like to talk to you in private.

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this is fucked up

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He Drives

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You're very cute.

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lol cat look like johnny

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his dick lol

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remember when

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still great to this day

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the jan's flippin' steamed

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I`m you new sad overlord

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that is so dam kawaii

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Good Maria

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this is kinda cute indeed


um..do not want

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based as hell

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Don't remind me.

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I made post in 2011 saying /jp/ was dead.

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Ten hours

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I haven't been here much in recent years but I truly enjoyed the time we spent together, /jp/. Let's hope your doujin spirit never dies!

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Plump Touhou Thread

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They are not fat, just overweight.

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I want to squeeze their big bellies a lot in any case.

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/jp/ is 9 + 1 years old<p style="font-family:Impact;font-size:3em;">CONGRATS XD</p>

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I am going to have Convictor Yamaxanadu stuck in my head for a month now.

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Why not throw an after party

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It's on the CD I burnt to use in my car, so I was confused as to why it was playing when I opened this thread.

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Shoot. The music's gone too, I was gonna give it another listen

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Bye /jp/

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I was your meido.
Earlier today I quit, something I had been thinking for around 2 months now. The pudding raids were the final straw. They were provoked by moot. When I went to him, all he said was that I should leave the board for the day and let you get spammed to death. He doesn't care about this place, and it's frustrating to be the only one trying to do something with no tools at your disposal.

I did my best every day to keep this board in a sort of decent level, but I'm just tired now. Too exhausting for no reward in any way, and absolutely no encouragement from the staff.

I can tell you this because they removed my authentication, I won't be going back to being a janitor. This thread is both burning a bridge and saying goodbye to you, the anonymous I cared for so much. I always came crawling back whenever I saw you getting spammed or raided, it was practically a reflex action by now. I will just be a regular anonymous reporting the spam from now on.

So long everyone, I have no regrets. Good luck until I get replaced, and remember that the whole point of this board is taking it easy. Let the janitors carry the burden of dealing with the shit.

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just kill me

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feelin it

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im really feeling it

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*unzips dick*

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WTF Milk got married? everything is moving so fast ;_;

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but i would also like to marry this woman

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Poor janny never gets to take it easy.

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how come ah, cyka spammer hasn't posted today

was he busy writing the news post

>> No.11429730,49 [INTERNAL] 

who the fuck is cyka spammer

>> No.11429730,50 [INTERNAL] 


ah, cyka


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feelio no more long metathreads

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isn't it sad?

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where did it go all so wrong?

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>55-60 years left to live
Wow thats pretty optimistic.
I'm 30 and in so much random joint pain from sitting on my ass the last 10 years being a NEET that I don't think i'll make it another 10.

>> No.14887162

Literally 5 minutes a day stretching and standing instead of sitting while doing shit will fix most of that. I could tell you to join a gym and take up walking but thats just shitposting

>> No.14887166

That might have saved it 5 years ago but it feels too far gone at this point. I haven't hit the point of needing painkillers daily but its getting harder to sleep when my forearms and hands feel like a knife in between them.

If anybody else sees this for the love of god once you start noticing sharp pains in your lower arms STOP.

>> No.14887186

You should at least buy or try make a wrist roller or some other forearm excercise equipment and use it for a couple of minutes a day while shitposting. It will probably be sore as fuck initially but I honestly think you would see a massive improvement in a month

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how many images with hidden cats were made anyway?

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How can someone sink so low? I know there's other people doing shit like this (Melonpan on one side of the globe, Sailorfuku ojisan and Ladybeard on the other), but when looking at them I feel like laughing with them. On the other hand this creep only makes me cringe.

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Honestly? I'm surprised anyone cares.

The worst thing about this is that he's fat, and those awful shoes.

Everything else is not too weird for many areas of major cities like Tokyo.

>> No.13968010

>liking japanese culture
>wearing graphic tees

choose one

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>> No.13969425,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.13969425,2 [INTERNAL] 

Is that girl old enough to wreck yet>

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How the hell do you download HD videos from bilibili? Using the standard tools like youtube-dl doesn't work, and ripping the flv file doesn't work either.

>> No.18432111

For me, it's VideoDownloadHelper to download all the parts (often more than 2 FLVs are necessary), then ffmpeg to concatenate all the downloaded FLVs back one single MP4 file. An example:

- first create a txt file named "input.txt" listing alll the parts, after renaming them, like this (copy what's below and replace the entries by yours):
file 'av19400103.flv'
file 'av19400103-1.flv'

- concatenate the FLVs using this txt file as input, into a single MP4 file (copy that into a BAT file and run it):
ffmpeg -f concat -i input.txt -c copy output.mp4

input.txt, your FLV parts and the BAT file must be in the same folder. The FFMPEG binary must either be in your Windows PATH environment variables or in the same folder as the other files I mentioned.

youtube-dl only downloads a low-resolution variant of the desired video.

>> No.18434087


You are welcome!

>> No.18435397


>> No.18435998


I ripped the 720p .flv just fine, and it seems that 1080p in the settings is bullshit. I guess it DOES download the video at its maximum uploaded quality.

>> No.18435998,1 [INTERNAL] 

For some reason, when using "F12" and trying to download what I think matches the FLV, I'm granted with a "You do not have permission to get URL '/b/a0/10130735-1.flv' from this server" page. What is the entry matching the video within the network inspector page?

In the meantime, VideoDownloadHelper downloads the video without any problem. Also, this one is short so it only has one segment. What I posted above (>>18432111) applies for long videos mainly. And I did try again on the "av19400103" example with the inspector. The video is still segmented but not downloadable directly. It's only when triggering the download through the add-on that additional entries, which can be downloaded appear in the inspector window.

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Are we going to celebrate our 10th anniversary next Feb 20?

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8jp was nice but then it became Korea conspiracy theories central.

>> No.18044659,7 [INTERNAL] 

>as 4chan is spoken about almost constantly offsite. Combine this with the lack of lurking culture and you have a lot of people who don't understand the local culture running about
It's the opposite, anything that pops out on 4shit now almost immediately dragged out to reddit or knowyourmeme. Case in point: recently I made an edit of some picture and posted it on some other board, after an hour or si it was on /v/, within four hours it was on knowyourmeme.
becoming an insider has never been easier, mostly since the internet osmosis has rendered the concepts of "inside" and "outside" empty.

>> No.18044659,8 [INTERNAL] 

Damn this one hurt to read.

>> No.18044659,9 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.18044659,10 [INTERNAL] 

-1 !!!!!!

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Young based god came straight for da bitches
Mac-10 lay em on da floor like a mattress
Young based god in Olympics
Stay fuckin bitches
Got da chop 6 wit extensions
Hoes on my dick cuz I look like Matlock
Bitch kiss my ring yo baby daddy is a mascot
Hoes on my dick cuz Im white like Asher Roth
Bitches on my dick cuz my rims chop like applesauce
Fuck what it's costin
6 pinky rings and yo bitch wanna toss em
Ridin wit no mask on, dat pussy take dat hanky pank
Boy talk dat fye den ima hit em wit da laser
Gran turismo hoe she suck my dick den I raced her
10 karats on my ring I got dat folk wit da plater
Hoes suck my dick cuz Im finna be a baber
Ya bitch kiss my ass n I aint fuckin wit dem haters BASED GOD

Bitch I look like Ben & Jerry
Chain like canary
5 on my hoe she suck my dick cuz Im ready
20 on my dick and I just might be in petty
Dat 4.5 caliber make you look like Fran Drescher
Sex wit yo bitches, head game so cozy
Yo bitch look nasty, she look like James Posey
Suck my main bitch wit da glock 9 in 10k
10 on my dick and my girlfriend persian
Bitch suck my dick cuz I look like a surgeon
10 on my dick dey kiss my ass on purpose
Told my main bitch dat she worthless..SPANKED HER
Ask my main bitch if she hungry..SPANKED HER
Flexin 10 bars and I aint talkin bout a razor
Yo bitch is on my hip , and I aint talkin bout dat pager
Yo bitch suck my dick cuz I look like Darth Vader
I hold supreme court
I elected dat bitch cuz Im da mayor..

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Trying to watch a movie fuck off.

>> No.11631986,2 [INTERNAL] 

These are lyrics of a serious non-joking rap song.

Did anyone even read them?

>> No.11631986,3 [INTERNAL] 

Go be a tool of the Jew somewhere else, kid.

>> No.11631986,4 [INTERNAL] 

Wow you are a big faggot

>> No.11631986,5 [INTERNAL] 


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