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So much reporting going on wtf?

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The answer to this is invarably Chen.

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Might as make it a Chen thread, rather than a dead request.

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It doesn't get any better than this!

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So... Anything good happening next month? Nothing right. Cool... nothing. Awesome.

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CHEEEEEEEEEN! That's so gangster! Do it again!

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Tears, much?

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A good woman is seen and not heard.

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What did I TELL YOU you god damn /b/ faggot shithead? Why do you continue to mock me?

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It's the Early 2000's. You are Jim Jones, a not-yet-famous rapper who started a hip-hop group with your homeboys from Harlem.

You and your partners have signed onto Roc-A-Fella Records in the hopes of making it big. Hip-hop artist Jay-Z has personally introduced you to his label, with an admonition that if you produced anything other than hits, you and your homies are going to hit the pavement. Naturally, tensions are high, and you struggle with your homies to create some new raps, but the pressure is making it hard to work.

After an argument with Cam'ron, you've decided to go back to your crib and smoke some trees, maybe watch some porn. On your way out to your car, you see a tall, blonde Japanese woman standing next to your fly whip, wearing weird-ass clothing that looks like it came out of a storybook or some shit, and a silly hat. There's also a kid with her, also wearing weird clothes, and a silly hat.

"Ah, hello," she greets you crisply, before you can say anything. "We wanted to get in on that album you've been working on. You see, we've got some tight lyrics for you to check out. Chen, hit it."

The little kid starts busting some sick-ass rhymes on your ass. You ain't heard shit like this since Eazy E was on the scene. Amazed, you lean back and admit that these weird-ass chicks sure know how to lay some flow on a nigga.

[_]Compliment the woman and her kid on their mad skills, then ask her what her name is.

[_]Come up with some rhymes on the fly to show your skills. Ain't no bitch can rap better than the Jones-man, right?

[_]Ask them if they want to go to the club. Or better yet, back to your crib with you.

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