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Someone here sure is pro death penalty.

After one ending I can say it hasn't fucked up completely yet, like Shinsou Noise does later on. But if that happens it'd probably be in the last route or something anyway.
The writing however is wonky (too much pointless narration interrupting flow and not allowing any room for you to fill in some gaps or think for yourself as everything is mentioned, explained in detail and "thought out" for you), coupled with way too obvious things that the cast conveniently overlook. Like, seriously obvious. It literally jumps into your face, while the cast will still need an hour or two to get there. I don't think writing like this works very well with (murder) mystery games. These games should strive to make you think and not leave no room for that and have characters struggle to realize the obvious.

When the characters don't chase the obvious, this can actually be fun. The story seems interesting enough as well, at least speaking now after my first route. That took a while. Hopefully it doesn't completely fuck up like Shinsou Noise though.

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