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Finished the main-story in Nanairo Rincarnation. This game mostly worked because of the characters. Their interactions were pretty nice. The story was pretty much "you have some work to do" and didn't feel particularly interesting. But with the characters that was mostly no issue.
The main problem is just the last arc. It's going on forever for something that's essentially not feeling more relevant than the stuff before. I started to miss a general idea of a "plot". Like where does the game actually want to go? I don't mind loosely connected small stories carried by one major cast, especially if the cast is nice, but if the arc takes longer than a fucking 1 cour anime, this gets a little boring. It also doesn't help how the romance was handled. It should've been between two arcs, and not in the middle of figuring out that there may be another corpse already. But alas. The characters still carry. Till the writer did the final twist. That one was a little too stupid. The game acted as if there was foreshadowing, but honestly, there was way more in the game that made that twist impossible to believe. Just an asspull to make it feel like that long as fuck arc actually had some meaning. But that was generally how this "mystery" progressed, so it seems a general issue with the author's writing. One of the major dead-ends gets literally solved by a character's ability randomly activating, which never ever happened before, and that just randomly happens to be at the JUST RIGHT spot to give a crucial hint.

After that arc? It's over. Right. Okay. I'm used to games having weak endings, but my god. Should've probably just kept it at unrelated little stories with fun character interaction. I don't know what this final arc was supposed to be, but it sure failed at the mystery part. Hard. Until then however, the characters really do carry the whole thing well and it's a fun game. Nothing special, but quite fun to read.

Finally, it's amazing to see Kawashima Rino being cast in a role that fits her. She gets miscast WAY too much.

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