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I just finished reading this actually, it's really good.

The biggest highlight of the game is easily the crisp, pleasant to read, fast-paced high-energy writing. It’s extremely carefully pruned down of any excess to focus solely on bringing out the appeal of the characters and making each and every scene as enjoyable as possible, be it a hilarious manzai comedy scene, a super hype energetic action scene, or a wonderfully cute loving ichaicha scene. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there was literally not a boring moment, it was so fast and so fun that you can really just zoom through this game, it’s a constant ride.

The humour is varied and rich, from references to various pieces of popular culture to well-placed boke/tsukkomi to contrast between the extremes of each character’s personalities. The action is very reminiscent of the best of tokusatsu, overdramatic exciting scenes rich with special effects and hype hissatsu names. But the main focus on the game is of course on cuteness, on making Yuuri as likable as possible. It’s not afraid to use exaggerated established techniques to achieve this, with extreme gap moe between her kind friendly perfect outer face and her decadent lazy overly self-confident inner face, with floods of adoration from the surrounding cast who all worship her as their goddess. And with extremely carefully crafted gradual but clear character and relationship development as she slowly changes due to her proximity with MC and grows in love with him, abandoning her self-centred ways to give back to her loving partner and grow their blossoming love and happiness.

The production values are superb as well, some truly spectacular effects during the action scenes, a huge variety of sprites carefully positioned and animated to support and add to the story as much as possible. This is part of the reason it feels so fast-paced and enjoyable to read, the game really brings out the full potential of the ADV format to visually provide as much information and detail as possible, and this is done perfectly in sync with the writing which can then focus solely on the aforementioned key points. Some super impressive work here.

And yes it’s an episodic eroge, each chapter will be a different route focusing on a different heroine. There’s a lot of debate about the episodic format but if it can be done right this is how to do it — each chapter is cheap, has plenty of volume, tells a complete story on its own without the other chapters, and the release pace is fast, with the next one coming relatively soon. Very excited for it.

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