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>having my tactics beaten just means I have to learn new ones

Then stop using the same readable tactics again and again.

I can always tell you're going for a Komachi j.2A, so I can just smack you out of it by flying up with Iku and doing j.6A or timing a 623C scarf whip.

>A blocked j.2a is the best way to get into a good melee combo against them if they block it, which you can usually turn into a hit, or at the least put pressure on them.

Well it doesn't really matter if a j.2A can lead to a (bad and escapable) pressure string if I can see it coming from a mile away and able to hit you out of it. At least cover your advance with coins or spirits.

Komachi isn't a bad character, I've had one give my Iku trouble but only because he was playing smarter.

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