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It's quite common to keep the bite mark as the last scar someone gets before becoming a vampire, have you not seen any movie/read vampire books? And I mean Bram Stoker, not Twilight bullshit and alikes. Also I know it's quite vague but unless you can provide something more reasonable, proving otherwise, my argument wins.

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Don't worry. She gets all of my love too!

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I only have one goddess

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it's good to have contingencies for that sort of thing

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What's so evil about youkai eating people, isn't that the way of all things? We're not evil for eating pork, beef or chicken and we don't exactly care about what chickens think either.

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I've always enjoyed the eyes of a predator

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Suggestion is a powerful weapon

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I really need to organise my images better
one of these days I'll set up and organise that localhost booru, just not today

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