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Razor the Hedgehog
Age: 16 (created 2 years ago but mind was updated to be older)
Race: Hedgehog/Cyborg
Affiliation: Sonic Gang, Teen Titans, Inuyasha
Bio: Was created to be evil but was stolen from the lab by Inuyasha. He was later found by the Sonic gang and was trained by Sonic to be fast, Knuckles to be strong, and Tails to be super smart. Sadly Sonic was killed by Wolfstorm his enemy. The Justice League wanted Razor to join them be he denied. Batman fought him to make him join but was defeated by Razor. Robin tracked him down with the Titans impressed by his strength. They asked him to join and was about to refuse until he saw Raven. They both fell and love and were happy until Shadow raped Raven. Razor tracked him down only to find out Wolfstorm absorbed Shadow's soul and was now Wolfshadow the One Tail Stormwolf.

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