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Remembered the Mahou Shoujo remake today, and it seems to be pretty much done. (version above 1, not updated for some weeks) So I'm trying it now. You hear quite nice things about it, just not about the system. The remake is on a much better SRPG engine, so it shouldn't have the same issues. In fact, the option menu already looks very promising, with speed options for moving and whatnot, skipping enemy phases or just speeding it up.. and so on.

So if anyone else was kinda interested in this, but didn't touch it because of the previous issues with the engine, now may be the time.

In case you don't know about it: It's about (mostly?) middle school girls getting involved in mahou shoujo business. In a bad way. All ages, but I expect loads of drama, deaths and "what are we even fighting for?!?!?" when former friends start to consider the magical girls as monsters as well or something. Oh and it's free.

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