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Not sure where the fuck else i would ask this but im sure someone on here would know, I bought a dakimakura pillowcase while in japan and it measures about 138 cm long, should i order a 150 cm long pillow for it or would that be too long? is it supposed to stretch? i dont have any information about it, i bought it from a stall.

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no pedo here but do you guys know anything about the song that Laura b and valensiya sing is from?
it's called gyutte shite or something
is it from an anime cause I unironically like it and I'd like to know what it means

the lyrics are this:
Laura B & Valensiya - "Gyutto Shite" (Official Video)
Lyrics: Hōkago yūgure no sora Issho no kaerimichi de Te ga furetanoni dōshite? Gyutto shite kurenakatta no? Koi no kyōkasho ga areba jugyō-chū Utatane shinaide motto benkyō surunoni Anata ni dakishime rareta yume ga Ureshi hazukashi ikute mune ni tojikometa mama Kōtei hashiru anata megake Kono terepashī o sōshin Gyutto gyutto shite hoshī no Onaji kurasu ni natte Naname ushiro no seki de Anata kidz

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Post your Dakis

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Hey /jp/

So I bought a lewd dakimakura off halodakimakura and there hasn't been a shipping update since Oct. 23. I went with China's ePacket/EMS and on the USPS site it's still "Origin Post is preparing Shipment", and other sites are only slightly more descriptive.

This is maybe my second or third time importing weeb shit from overseas and it's never taken this long. Is this normal for ePacket/EMS?

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Old /jp/ thread. Was looking through my old folders and found some memory jogging pics like this.

What do toy think the old gang is up to nowadays? Is Zun!bar dead? Did Sudo get turned into bacon? Is Currybutt still reporting threads en masse? Is Tohno-chan using his image-dump autism in a professional field now? Is Boof still chasing after his once underage but surely legal now neighbor? Did WASSHOI marry his Miyako dakimakura that his mother gifted him? Did Taiga get privately doxxed by a thirsty anon only to find that she was indeed a guy the whole time but still go after her? Is Sion still hiding as anon but derailing threads subtly every chance he gets?

Do you still hate Moot for changing the board from Japan/General to Otaku Culture? I do.

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Post your wife/soulmate/significant other/paizuri slave or whatever you call her. Doesn't matter if they're an idol, a 2hu, a kancolle, a Vocaloid or whatever. If you have a daki or other merch of you're wife, share it.

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>mom found my lewd daki and took it away without asking
How fucked am I?

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ur in the club when she smacks your dakimakura on the ass what do

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I think I failed the test to pass on my genes

Should I descend into buying 2hu and GuP dakimuras or keep tryharding at life

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is it true once you go daki, you can never go back?

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I'm an artist and a friend asked me to draw the art for a dakimakura. I'm sure I can handle drawing his waifu in bed in a cute/sexy pose, but this is something I haven't done before, and I don't think he has either, so I was hoping you guys could give some tips.

>He wants his waifu in sexy pajamas on the front, and a rear view on the back, because he tosses and turns a lot in his sleep and it would be weird for her to have gotten changed in the middle of the night. Autism is a hell of a drug.
>He's having the pillowcase printed at Cuddly Octopus, is that a legitimate operation?
>I don't know how hi-res the print needs to be for it to look good. Will the pillowcase printer tell me/
>Is it a mistake to honor his front view/rear view request? I noticed most dakis have two different poses/outfits on each side.

Basically I'm a pretty good artist but this is something I know nothing about and I want to do right by my bro. What do I need to know?

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See above.

>be me

>be weeb= touhou, daki, senran, figures, posters

> look at dating sites, no girls like anime even close to me

> don't know girls IRL that like it, and there don't seem to be any around (Memphis is all about hood culture)

> what do I do?

INB4 "kys"

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Rare Dakimakura Tread

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How many people take the final, irreversible step to becoming a weeb and get a dakimakura? Just ordered my first, simultaneously excited and ashamed. Pic related

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I realize this is an odd question but I don't know who else to ask except this site. Simply put: I'm thinking of starting my own biker gang.

It's not going to be something serious, in fact, it'll be kind of a joke. We'll be known as the Weeabooz ウィーバーズ (not final) and have a similar patch design like in the pic.

The only requirements are that you are a fan of anime or Japanese culture in general and happen to ride a bike. We will meet up in local bars and watch anime together, while proclaiming each of our love for our waifus/husbandos, comparing dakimakuras, singing our favorite anime theme songs in karaoke and whatnot.

We will ride regularly, with one person blaring barely-legally loud theme music from whatever anime we find to be appropriate. I will try to plan our routes to be just in view (but not too close, so as to not get in trouble) of local schools, colleges, and libraries to attract anime/Japanese club students. I'm hoping it'll start a national movement out of being so sheerly memetic.

The bikes won't have to look a certain way. In fact, I'd especially welcome sports bikes because most of them are made in Japan. Japanese related designs will be praised such as the imperial Japanese flag or Bōsōzoku-styled modifications.

Concerning hierarchy, everyone of lower rank will refer to those above them as "senpai", except for myself, "Emperor Anon" is reserved for that. The ranks will follow traditional feudal Japanese soldier ranks such as shogun > daimyo > samurai > ronin.

Yeah, it's weird but then again there are Christian and Disney biker clubs so why not one about people celebrating glorious Nippon?

Now, the question is if you guys think I'll be given a hard time by real biker dudes. I read somewhere that having more than one biker club in an area might be asking for trouble. I only want the gang to be a gang by name and nothing else, and obviously it's not like I'd be stealing members from those rednecks.

Thoughts, suggestions??

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What are dakis?
Dakimakura (抱き枕カバー) translates to body pillows. They’re long and fluffy pillows which are comfortable to cuddle with while sleeping. There’s a subculture around drawing waifus on them, often lewdly. Generally, people refer to dakis as the cover itself, which goes over the pillow core.

buyfag guide:

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what are your thoughts on cosplay daki? this one seems alright but for like $115, im not so sure

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Is it true if you put your figma (figure) under your dakimakura (body pillow) that Japan Man will come visit me and take me to the Orient?

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Whats the best website to buy a dakimakura from?

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What are some popular things that otaku like to collect for their favorite anime? Blu-rays? Key-chains? Dakis? Figures?

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Can I get General Mao or Stalin on Dakimakura, it's just their lustful eyes tease me and I require more physical contact with the said entities

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Does /jp/ have experience with custom dakimakura?

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Would you consider going out in public with your anime-waifu-dakimakura like this fine French gentleman ?

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Anybody know where I can buy a Dakimakura? Never got one before.

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