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who NEET here

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2hu armpits thread

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What school is Reisen attending?

If she isn't a student, why is she in a school uniform?

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There are many otaku girls on /jp/ living in your area waiting patiently for you to sweep them off their feet. Don't you think its time to man up?

Being an otaku doesn't mean you have to remain a virg forever.

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Is Gelbooru inacessible for anyone else at the moment? Down for everyone says it's up but that just doesn't seem right.

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I come here to be among the filth like me. The misogynists, the pedophiles, the transsexuals, the irreligious, the gays, the bi's, the racists, the otakus (and by that, I refer to the dakimakura-owning, waifu-loving dirt of society with posters of 2D anime girls all over the walls. The guy who spends all his money on a better computer and multiple anime figures to litter his walls and shelves).

I do not come here to listen to how and your girlfriend had a tiff and you want help getting back together.
I do not come here to listen to your preaching about how easy it is to lead a normal life.
I do not come here to AIM or MSN or otherwise 'chat' with you.
I do not come here to listen to your disgusting drivel about how you spend time everyday watching anime with your girlfriend and need a recommendation for another.

If I wanted any of that shit, I'd go to gaiaonline, or myspace, or facebook.

No, I come here to look at pathetic losers post their fantasies about dating their 2D lover.
I come here to see pedophiles exchange erotica involving underaged minors.
I come here to watch stormfront refugees fabricate various 'evidence' about how other races are inferior to whites.
I come here to view the tips and stories given by crackheads addicted to oxy.
I come here to revel in the dirt of humanity so that I can feel at home.

I've already done as best as I possibly can to filter shit out. I've got the 4chan filter, I can hide individual posts, I can hide threads, and various other annoyances taken care of, but it doesn't help nowadays.
If I wanted normal, I'd go somewhere else.
But you do not understand this desire, and so will respond with "LUL4CHANIZSECRETBASE" or some other nonsense rather than actually argue for your staying here.

Fucking normalfags.

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It's time.

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What the hell does Anzu spend all her money on? She's still living at home and has a full time office job. She also moonlights as a 'NEET' idol on top. Why does she even work 2 jobs if she's supposed to be lazy?

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When was the last time you shat out a lung?

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Remember when we were allowed to post lewd pictures on /jp/? What happened?

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/jp/ seems to get shit done, so I figured this is as good a place as any to ask

What do you guys recommend for learning about the post-wwii influences on anime and mango?

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Hey /jp/, so I've got a question for you guys. About all that waifu stuff and all. You're not serious about all that right guys? I mean, no one is that pathetic. I mean sure I think touhou girls are cute and even jack off to them sometimes, but this is some retarded shit you guys are doing.

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This is where /jp/otaku culture and technolo/g/y merge. Talk about your favorite otaku related addons for Firefox or whatever customizable browser you use here.

After using quite a few addons, I have to say that pixiv Tool is absolutely 100% neccessary if you save images from pixiv at_all. The ease of saving pixiv images improved -significantly- and I may actually archive artists' work now.

Holy shit it blew my mind.

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with around 7 billion people on earth, there is a very very high chance that a loli has, at some point, posted on /jp/.

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cheeseburgers are otaku culture here right?

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When is ZUN going to incorporate ancient Egyptian culture into Touhou?

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>"Anno understands the Japanese national attraction to characters like Rei as the product of a stunted imaginative landscape born of Japan’s defeat in the Second World War. “Japan lost the war to the Americans,” he explains, seeming interested in his own words for the first time during our interview. “Since that time, the education we received is not one that creates adults. Even for us, people in their 40s, and for the generation older than me, in their 50s and 60s, there’s no reasonable model of what an adult should be like.” The theory that Japan’s defeat stripped the country of its independence and led to the creation of a nation of permanent children, weaklings forced to live under the protection of the American Big Daddy, is widely shared by artists and intellectuals in Japan. It is also a staple of popular cartoons, many of which feature a well-meaning government that turns out to be a facade concealing sinister and more powerful forces.

Anno pauses for a moment, and gives a dark-browed stare out the window. “I don’t see any adults here in Japan,” he says, with a shrug. “The fact that you see salarymen reading manga and pornography on the trains and being unafraid, unashamed or anything, is something you wouldn’t have seen 30 years ago, with people who grew up under a different system of government. They would have been far too embarrassed to open a book of cartoons or dirty pictures on a train. But that’s what we have now in Japan. We are a country of children.” -Hideaki Anno

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What if touhous think of YOU as gods.

What ritual would please YOU?

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Previous thread: >>11185099

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Got my first dakemakura today...

General dakemakura thread!

What were your firsts, favorites, least favorites?

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General original content/drawthread for /jp/sies. You may use this thread to contribute your works or to share ideas related to possible projects. Anything OC is welcomed; including drawings, writings, music, and programming.

Previous thread:

This time with correct subject number!

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