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What are some Touhou fan games you'd like to see?

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How did you neat it up today, /jp/?

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This place is filled with shitposts, why doesn't the janitor do anything? Well, I guess that's what moot gets for hiring a worthless NEET. Kuzu, kuzu.

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You're minding your own business when this creature comes up and slaps you across the face without warning.

"Give me your lunch money," it says.

What do you do?

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What are you studying, /jp/?

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A good portion of /jp/ is gay due to being so pathetic that they can't talk to women, so they resort to being gay in hopes that others as pathetic as them will have hook ups in desperation or that they're so self-deluded in thinking strait men are so horny that they'll sleep with them as well.

To become so deprived of a back bone or social skills /jp/ers will and have developed actual homosexuality. Not deep seeded homosexuality, but homosexuality deriving from a lonely horniness that they refuse to explore through women out of fear. Kiss-less NEET virgins who were the wimpy kid in high school who was always too nervous to let others hear too much of his voice.

At most this represents 1/3 of /jp/ and that's just such faggotry. Stay classy /jp/

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I'm trying my best you stupid kusobuta shitposter! How about you help instead of lazing around like a disgusting, creepy NEET?

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I do not fully understand why Flandre is kept (and keep herself) locked inside the mansion. It is not healthy for anybody to retreat from the rest of society.

Even back in France, at the beginning of the middle ages, it was clear that patients with fragile psyches benefited from being able to roam free in a safe enviroment.

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I've been having trouble sleeping lately, for some reason. Every night I wake up after only 6-7 hours, and then I feel tired the whole next day. I can't sleep during the day either for some reason.

Also yesterday I went to buy food for my cat. I had to go to a pet store where the cashier sort of knows my face. She smiled and said "Hi". Next think you know they'll be asking how I'm doing. It went fine, though.

What have you NEETs been up to lately?

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Requesting NEET backup!

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sleep tite 4 da tired NEET :)

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janny won't even let me talk to you guys :(

pic related

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She's preparing her State of the Jaypee speech to commemorate her rise to power and to usher in the return of the good old days.

molk's reign of tyranny is finally over. God bless.

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Can a professional be called otaku? Someone in the industry of their obsession?

Is there a line?

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Have you sworn fealty to your queen today?

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NEETs have established a strong beachhead and are requesting reinforcements!


Get in here and fight! Despite being deep normie territory, the janny is out of range and can't engage.


Ready your NEET blogposts, touhou itasha pictures, and fall in.

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my dad told me I was useless and I was a disappointment today...

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I'm gonna eat a jaypee.

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Are there any ACTUAL otaku here or are you all just a bunch of posers?

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Previous thread >>11388660

Music project 1 is here:

Music project 2 is in the works atm (should be ready in a 2-3 weeks from what i read).

remember onegai:
>for fucks sake don't make this 200 posts of open source bitching.

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