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It's edge time faggots


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>NEET is to be distinguished from the newly coined NLEET rate used in the 2013 report on Global Employment Trends for Youth by the International Labor Organization. The NLEET rate stands for "neither in the labor force nor in education, employment or training". It is similar to NEET but excludes the unemployed since they are still included in the labor force.

Who NLEET here?

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Why is she still an idol?

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Fee Fi Fo Fum - I smell the blood of a fat NEET

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While NEET threads are banned, hikki threads still are Otaku Culture aroind to /q/, lets have a truHIKI thread.

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A lot of people here blame a lot of things on /jp/ so to be clear, how many of you really did become truNEET or secondary solely because of /jp/ ? How has /jp/ ruined your life ?

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Why aren't you cooking 2hu baked goods, /jp/?

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why is japanese hip hop so phunky phat ?

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What are you watching?

What are your favorite dramas? How many dramas did you watch? Are Korean dramas any good? Post your mydramalist username.


I am thinking of watching this just because I like the main actor.

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Does an unpaid internship count as NEET?

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The daughter of the lord
An angel
A star in the sky

Do you believe in love? I want to say RIP to all of our fallen NEETs. NEETs might be broke, but we're rich at the same time. Spiritually rich.

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Yuugi is not an Oni, she is actually a Narwhal!

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Anyone on /jp/ not actually NEET? I feel so alone...

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Where is the line that distinguishes ``anime and cosplay" from ``otaku"? Is based on how normal / socially competent you are?

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How weeaboo are you /jp/?

I play exclusively Japanese games (and VNs but there's not much selection in that case), listen more-or-less exclusively to Japanese music, greatly prefer 2D over 3D in porn and mostly everything else, my favorite movie is Japanese, watch / read dozens of anime / manga daily, studying Japanese since gradeschool, have a faithful waifu, make money with the only goal of collecting weebshit like figures and dakis,

actually fuck it I'm not gonna go on, this hurts to write, but you get the idea

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Milk feet!

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Have you been bullied today /jp/?

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Hi /jp/

What's the difference between a hikikomori, a NEET and a "grass eater"? Do otakus have some tendencies to became one of them?

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I saw a video on youtube a while ago about this large homosexual male, and a male Japanese porn star engaged in a friendly competition of sorts. Upon trying to rediscover said video I learned it was removed. Does anyone happen to know where I could find that video?

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Will you swear your undying loyalty to Chancellor Remilia and her National Socialist Gensokyo Workers' Party /jp/?

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New draw thread,
post what you have been working on~

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