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>How many years in did you guys start working on comic making?
Year 1 for me. Currently in year 7. I pretty much only draw for comics, don't really care about drawing other than to tell stories.
>Years of drawing more often/seriously
First six months or so was "study" (I was way slacker than I should have been) with the sole intent of drawing comics, I realized I was floundering so I just jumped straight into what I wanted to do. Did that for about 2 years, stopped mid-late 2016 because I knew it was shit and burned out, then up until 2020 I did a whole lot of miscellaneous projects, drawfagging and /qst/s. Storyboarded a lot of shit I never finished all while I collected ideas and grew a concept for an actually good series, but I didn't want to actually start that project until I had something I wanted to stick with and I wasn't very invested in any of the other projects I started so I kind of struggled to find motivation to draw. There were long stretches where I didn't draw much, but looking back on it I've actually drawn quite a lot over these years... my projects folder is over 60 gigs of just project files + exported images lol. 2020 got me back into drawing comics seriously, or rather kicked me out of the funk I was in since 2016. Not for the obvious reasons, though.
Anyway I never really "studied" properly, the vast majority of my drawing was always done on comic projects. I think I've done literally 3 studies in my entire drawing career, and all of them were the one night I felt motivated to study maybe a year ago. Never read through any drawing books either. I definitely feel like I've improved dramatically over the time I'm actually drawing, which I would say is due to sheer mileage comics demand out of you + looking at great manga and learning from them.

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