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I am on a budget how do I start drawing digital through PC ?

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ms paint and a mouse

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that's too hard I'm planning on buying a device that won't break the bank :3

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$40. Probably about as cheap as you're gonna get.

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Once you've got this, then you probably want something like Krita.

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my absolute maximum budget is $100

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Then probably this https://estore.wacom.com/en-us/wacom-intuos-s-bluetooth-black-us-ctl4100wlk0.html or this https://estore.wacom.com/en-us/wacom-intuos-m-bluetooth-pistachio-us-ctl6100wle0.html

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So you already have a PC, I reckon? Get at least 8GB of ram, you don't need a fucking NASA computer to run painting software. Any low budget pc can run the few main painting softwares out there. You just need 8GB of ram at least. Get another monitor, you need two screens one for your drawing and the other for reference and any other shit. You don't need a "Good" graphic card, if you don't have one already, get the cheapest one, if you need. I had to get a Graphic-Card bacause I wanted to add a couple more monitors. But the integrated graphic card was more than enough to run Photoshop. So see yourself.

Then you just need a MEDIUM sized screenless digital tablet (preferably wacom to be safe on quality), and finally download Krita (free photoshop-SAI), and start grinding to the top of the art world. There you go.
Recommendation, stick over your tablet a clear sheet of plastic to protect the surface of the tablet and to avoid your nibs to run out in a blink of an eye. Just like that anon did on picrel.
Screenless have a hard learning curve, but you will get used to it, if you can't go through that you won't make it anyways. It's a good test of will.
Screen tablets are expensive shit and come with extra issues you didn't expected. Start with a screenless. Get good at that first.

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thanks you!!! I'm planning on getting a wacom one, but I'm still unsure if I want a small or medium tablet

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PLEASE OP, that is very important. Don't get the small one. It's useless for us. You will have to throw it away or re sell it for even less money.

If you can get this one:
You will be set for years and years. I get that same one, the 2016 model used for 7 dollars, in 2018. Some guy bought new, couldn't use it, and had to sell it back, I gave him 8 bucks heh. And it's fucking new still. I spent one complete nib in 5 years of use. Doing the plastic sheet trick. otherwise you will lose all your nibs in no time.
Just get a medium sized one and you will be fine. It will be money well spent.

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is small really that bad? I guess i'll go with the medium thank you op :) do you have an amazon link? I'll prolly get it when it's on sale

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Small are just useless for what you need to do. It was a trend years ago when artists started to get into tablets, everyone got the small ones and got screwed so bad. Everyone was trying to resell expensive small unused tablets to get bigger ones. Please just avoid that. Medium sized tablets are PERFECT. Just be patient, most artists get frustrated with tablets, it's not like grabbing a pencil and draw on paper. You're using a "prosthetic" thing to draw on a monitor with a painting simulation tool. It's a VERY unintuitive set up, hard to getting used to it.

About getting a good one to buy online, I don't know. All I can say, is that you will be buying a very good quality product, that it will last forever if you take care of it. Getting one new it is worth it. I had the luck to see that Wacom intuos used one and it was obvious that the guy didn't touch it, he just got frustrated. It is hard to go through that learning curve if you are too motivated and impatient. When I got my first cheap chink screenless tablet I got filtered pretty hard. I put that thing away for like a year before trying it again. And now I think screenless tablets are fucking amazing LOL.

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insectoid hands typed this

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I'm black

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Is the Huion H610 still around? It's like $25 from China. Most of the other derivatives uses the dame OEM panel. Veikk etc.

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no clue what that is, but I searched it up and it's like $60