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This place is the worst for aspiring artists because there's no standards and the ones you do have are totally wrong.

I follow a huge number of the best working artists in the world and none of them are asian. The absolute "best" asian artists still get obliterated by journeymen Europeans, many of whom are self-taught women just doing art as a hobby.

I think this is why /ic/ reveres buskers like kim jung gi, you're genuinely incapable of recognising naive art. /ic/ doesn't have eyes that even work correctly.

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>aspiring artist
that's like saying you aspire to breathe

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>This place is the worst for aspiring artists
This is basically the only public art community left on the internet
>none of them are asian.
Maybe you just have shit taste
What an aggressively retarded post

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Who gave you permission to reply to me?

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I don't need permission to reply to a nigger

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This thread from a few days ago is an extreme example but it's along the lines of what I mean. Notice how /ic/ dogpiles the anon who asks what drugs the OP is taking and not the OP himself.

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What is wrong with that thread? OP posted a shit drawing, people in the replies said it was shit, what's the problem?

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Hey man, cool it with the racism. It’s 2024.

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>I follow a huge number of the best working artists in the world and none of them are asian.
Sure, there are a few retards that believe that 'asian jeans' thing, though I think most of us own a few pairs, but it's mostly a joke, a meme, so stop being a dumbass.
Who are you to critique people's taste or artistic eye, when you can't even recognise an obvious joke?

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You have to be 18 to post here.

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NTA but well that's too bad then since racism is getting back in vogue.

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this board has like a list of threads on loop lmao

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it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white