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Hey guys, is it still reasonable to have a career in concept art with the layoffs and AI stuff happening?

Or should i just get a normal job and do art on the side?

If I choose this route I know its gonna be hard and it will take awhile. Is 2 years enough, given that I draw 8 hours per day?

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in 2 years time who knows what the state of the industry will be? Sorry to say, but no creative job is safe. Try doing what you love, and if it doesn't work out, at least you had a good time.

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2 years enough for what? It literally takes at least a decade for anyone to make any noticeable move in the "market", if at all. You will have to put yourself out there, like a fucking politician on a presidential campaign to earn a living as an "artist". And that is if you are actually talented. No talent, plus no self-marketing nature, you better go learn woodworking, medicine or any other easier to sell useful service.

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i think if you have to make a thread like this, you lack the suicidal attitude to do whatever you feel like in face of society that artists tend to have.

you are reasonable, get a job or start your own company, thats more secure than a future with art, you can still become a great artist without capital pressure. decide later if you want to pursue that.

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Learn AI and underbid artists.

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Heh this tranny is right for once.
Just do things for the lulz, everyone else will be fucked in the ass sooner or later.

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You can be a hobbyist. You shouldn't get into any creative field with the goal of making bank. There are far better options.
Two years is enough to get good but you shouldn't force yourself to draw. You would only end up hating it and become another ngmi crab, failed but can't let go.
Even before ai, art was 99% temporary employment and freelance. You have crowdfunding websites to fund your own projects. No studio actually needs good artist that can draw everything from scratch anymore. Only the result matters.

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Most industry professionals have been drawing since childhood, perfecting their craft for decades. What makes you think you'll be able to compete with them after just 2 years? And how would you even draw 8 hours a day for 2 years straight? Don't you have responsibilities?

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how many of these were actually making serious studies to improve their drawings instead of just doodling at that age tho? from the top of my head i really can't remember any major artist showing off their art from anywhere before their late teens (which is likely around the time they started really getting serious)

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watch Feng's video

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Don't count on it.

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crab thread for nodraws why must we suffer these shitty threads every day

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>crab thread for nodraws why must we suffer these shitty threads every day
To show you nonthinks 4chan porn ads.

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>Is 2 years enough
15 years, if you're talented