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Is this cheating?

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are there proscriptive rules in drawing?

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No. The shit hes tracing over is the easiest fucking part of drawing. If anything, him moving that 3d model around probably takes about as long as sketching the pose anyway.

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What about this?

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Even if it was cheating who fucking cares besides losers begs on a /ic/? Life's too short to not get yours. Git gud by any means necessary.

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>Is this cheating?
No, because art is not a competition with mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions.
Does it lower my opinion of the art though? Yes. It's less impressive because of the tracing.

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Not cheating. Only cheating if he made a tutorial and neglected to show that he used models. Go ahead and try "cheating" like him and see if your end result looks as good.

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no tools only rools

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no jools, only fools

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Nothing wrong with tracing over 3D models. It's more common than you think.

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How long until tracing ai art becomes the norm

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It already is

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Even if it was
He created the model himself

Still No

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Drawing from real life is also cheating. Practicing is cheating. Even looking at anything is cheating. If you were not born blind you are cheating.

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got to produce coom slop at a fast rate somehow.

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i feel like every "pro" level i see on twitter these days is a 3d fag tracing. im not against it to achieve something, but its one of the many factors that just sloppifies your work into sterile copies of everyone around you. you restrict your fluid ability to adapt weird intricacies into your that make it yours that you might only subconsciously draw otherwise, and oftentimes completely flatlines your development as an artist.

3d has been an all around horrible thing for artistry, but a wonderful thing for capitalistic need to produce.

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this board has like a list of threads on loop lmao

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Copying is a tool
Tracing is a tool
3d is a tool
Prompting is a tool

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>makes his own shading line for the pants
>ends up using the shading line from the model, IF he repainted that at all and not just cut that bit, blur it, and reduce opacity like with the female model's shadows
It's not cheating because there are no one to "cheat" against, but it is a pit trap if you don't actively learn or try to get more confidence on your own lines.
Think about that.
The dude took the model, said "I want the shadows to go this way...", and then backed down, looked at the model, and said "This one looks better, damn... I'll use the model's shadow"
Basically you are just "cheating yourself"
t. model user

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Don't copy the model, analyze it

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are rules, no there only tools

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Really? I thought it was still a twitter sin to use it

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Anything done on computer is cheating.

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> "cheating yourself"
Most people tracing/using models don't care about improving and rather stay stagnant, just so they can produce content at a faster rate. Very few do it due to time restraints.

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this really isnt that much different from using ai slop to render your drawing

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>"cheating yourself"
After I got good at copying reference, it felt like cheating myself to use it. I still use it. but just as inspo.

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all that effort... and the result I would scroll past and not give a second. lucky it was a video.

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fucking souless and stiff.

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it looks like he gave up on the bg after putting it all together, angle is meh
bless you, stranger, nice blush
half and half on this. Adds his design and coom on top, but also explains his drawing style
>model has more curves than final image
that made me a bit sad, it lost a lot of liveliness

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Nope, but it's fucking pathetic how he uses 3D to trace such simple shapes and poses.
Like, those are such basic-bitch poses you should be able to draw by eye.

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nah, he created the model himself.
nah, its the same as using an action figure.

His other skills are also pulling some weight so they dont look stiff.

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it's coom slop, what did you expect?

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if it's not painterly or an interesting style, then it's usually this method using a model. always the same boring, diffuse lighting that tasteless people enjoy

99% of anime illustrations you see on twitter are going to be using the models in clip studio and be boring as hell. if you look up to that, it's an easily achievable goal because they have no issues tracing and using every tool they can

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there is no way this dude needs a model to draw these hyper simplistic forms. he has already done all the work.

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Youre all a bunch of powerless losers. what are you going to do about it if you disapprove of what he is doing? Try to crab others into not doing the same?

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this is for people who have autism about making sure things are "on model"

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yes, actually.

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Seems like a slippery slope to just using AI. Digital truly is a joke

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What software/model is this?

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I mean that’s not really autism. If the drawing is just flat out wrong then even non-artists will notice.

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>Most people tracing/using models don't care about improving and rather stay stagnan
The large majority of those who do it can't with proportions or at very least aren't as effective when left on their own.

>so they can produce content at a faster rate.
True, and they have no right whining about ai. AI is the next step to mass production with the same mentality as them.

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True, but when they start using AI it's just going to give a lot more credence to AI images with zero editing which means the death of the artist.

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people are going to say no, because they probably have done that before. i would too, for a commission, because it almost guarantees a good result if you are competent.
but it’s not nearly as fun as drawing from scratch. you just don’t get the same dopamine hit

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it's called digging your own grave.

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This is the reason I don't use models.
Setting it up in the first place will take just as long or longer than just drawing it and making corrections as you go

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I once traced over the Big Iron album so I can understand the pose Marty Robbins was making. I didn't completely trace over it because the character I used did not have matching proportions. You tell me if that's cheating.

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You can go ahead and try copying what he's doing and post back your results. (Spoiler alert: you dont draw). But really, if you need a 3d model to draw head shots or bust shots you deserve to neck yourself.

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ugly ass picture full of obvious 3d, not appealing to look at whatsoever. i don't understand why someone would want to make this or who thinks this looks good

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It obviously looks good.

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It's not cheating but a convenient tool that should only be used to meet deadlines. 3D tracing greatly saves time but makes your art look bland, stiff, and boring, aka 'soulless'.

Look at these examples:
They don't look bad but they don't look great either. I don't feel anything when looking at them. If you use 3D traced art, use it for filler stuff, panels, or moments that don't matter and you don't have enough time to draw them on your own.
Use your actual creativity, skills, and time for the big things that leave an impact and impression on people.

This one >>7196046 might be the worst one. There's so much effort put into everything else but the base being 3D makes it so boring and lifeless.
There's an attractive woman with her tits out but I feel nothing. My dick didn't even twitch. Only a madman would be able to masturbate to this. Might as well trace AI if you refuse to put emotion and creativity into your art.

Using 3D as a crutch will slowly stagnate and devolve your creativity and skills, as there is no wiggle room for improvements and different approaches anymore.
No evolution or creativity can take place, for the base template will always stay the same with the same low resistance.
You will rob yourself of your own flawed and ever-changing humanity. Your art will be perfect in shape and form without any expression or emotion behind it, just like pic related.

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>2 more weeks sirs!

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Unless you use asset store poses I don't really get how 3D could be faster
Imagine drawing this entire page with 3D models. No fucking way it would be faster than just constructing and drawing it straight away

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ive seen videos of comic book ledgends make an entire downstairs basement scene out of paper so they could draw it from multiple angles.

Kojima used Legos to make his levels in Metal Gear Solid 1.

SNK traced over 3D models to make their sprites in KoF13.

Professionals trace over their character sheets to make sure their heads stay in proportion and to make sure the artistic style staus consistent.

No rules just tools and a good artist can ad some squash and stretch or whatever adjustments to avoid stiffness.

Let the retards in this thread bark for using it. theyre a bitch on a chain behind a fence. cant do shit to stop you and cant do shit to stop other people from enjoying you.

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>KrownPr1nz got caught tracing
>still got big because of his rendering ability and use of color
>got a job working on Ghost in the Shell(worst one, but still got a job.)

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crazy concidence to see this as ive been super obsessed with mt lately

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>No rules just tools and a good artist can ad some squash and stretch or whatever adjustments to avoid stiffness
On the one hand, I don't think an artist should avoid tools just for dogma's sake, but on the other hand, it seems like an easy trap to fall into. Having a tool take care of the abstract part of a drawing doesn't seem bad in itself, but I've also heard that it can be very difficult to reset a habit learned from a shortcut

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Your point?

>> No.7196641


it's a crutch.

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I personally don't like it because I value more actual manual workmanship but no, He had to go out the way to model the entire scene and render in suck a way it blends well with the actual subject.

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>bad habits
Is bullshit.
Unless you're legit sub 80IQ it takes just 30 days of discipline to eliminate actual fucking addictions like smoking and drinking.
Do whatever gets you making competent full pieces the fastest then go to an atelier or hire a tutor for a month to hammer out the kinks and you'll be years ahead of all the imbeciles worrying about "crutches" and "bad habits".

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Its worth it if you're setting up something impossible to visualize like an extreme angle or something.

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It's one duck. His name is Jim. And publishers are interested!

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It's fine to set up something in 3d, even if you can visualize it, and then using it as a reference. It's no different from setting up props in rl. The slippery slop starts with tracing.

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where can i get anime models in blender and how o i pose them?

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i think there's a word for this phenomenon. like learning about a new word and then immediately seeing it used in a different context later.

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If stuff like this is alright for time saving and faster production, why is AI art shat on? Seems like the ultimate timesaver

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I know, you could either 1:1 trace over AI art in your style or prompt with a lora your made of you works or the style your going for and fix the faults in the picture

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Is this cheating? Please answer quickly, my family is dying!

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I think people can learn more from actually spending time and studying how the face morphs in space rather than actually tracing shit.
It's the best of form of freedom.
It's how I learned to draw DBZ.

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When did shit like tracing and being lazy justify another worse way to tracing and being lazy.
Is it the renaissance artist's problem who spent time making his painting photorealistic that some modern artists can be incompetent lazy hacks?

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Most importantly, does tracing over 3D help you in construction / proportions / anatomy?

>> No.7197030

Fair point.

>> No.7197042

Lol no. Muscles don't behave realistically.

>> No.7197126

>Muscles don't behave realistically

>> No.7197159

ngmi, too /beg/ to reason

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I tried it real quick, it looks orders of magnitude better than what I usually shit out so I'd guess it is when you're /beg/

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Baader Meinof phenomenom or fequency illusion.

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it looks bad regardless because you don't know what the shape of the cranium looks like

>> No.7197404

Some models are rigged so well that you can animate the pectorals stretching when moving the arm backwards.
But it doesn't happen automatically, you gotta know the anatomy to apply the anatomy to the model. So no, you gotta know anatomy before using anatomically accurate models right.

For proportions and construction they're perfectly fine. If you can't do something as simple as correctly draw the clavicles reacting to shoulder movement in models that don't even have clavicles, you're not ready to draw people and should go back to grindin boxes.

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It helps if you knew placements of the head. Ears, horns, jaw line shape and skull shape are just off

>> No.7197553

So where the hell do I get 3D anime models like that?
The mannequins from CSP are total garbage and don't have the stylized anime proportions and DesignDoll is pajeet shit

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>Here comes the areo-pwane to spoonfeed you breeeerrrrrrrwwwww

Dont like it? aw, whos a big bad meanie face who cant google. Yes you are, yes you are.


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It doesn't matter if the drawing is good.

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is using references cheating?

>> No.7197679

Renaissance artists traced just as much as modern artists if not more, they just used camera obscura instead of digital tools.

>> No.7197682

Using references isn't cheating
But that's not what it is here

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>renaissance artist who knew how to draw traised, so it's ok for digital artist who barely know their ass from their head to do it too.
>ergo no skills needed for art, AI rules.

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File: 63 KB, 850x400, quote-never-draw-anything-you-can-copy-never-copy-anything-you-can-trace-never-trace-anything-wally-wood-65-97-29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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no wonder comics are dead if these are the people who they look up to in that space

>> No.7197889

David hockney is the biggest crab I don't why people keep repeating his camera obscura shit

>> No.7197907

>Be me
>stop coming to /ic/ for months
>decide to come back
>it's still the same fucking threads over and over again

this place is truly hell.

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Same shit as, and may Loomis forgive me for uttering it, AI.
If it wasn't worth the time for you to draw properly, why is it worth my time to look at?

>> No.7198195

>tracing plus photobash

based bmtol

>> No.7198308

those are some terrible models, worse than the csp ones.

you've not delivered her at all, you should feel ashamed.

>> No.7198316

>needing a fucking 3D model to draw a basic bitch anime head
I shiggy diggy

>> No.7198366

Ashamed of what, retard?
you cant google to find one for yourself let alone draw anime faces without one.

>> No.7198408

If he created the model, 100% no. He owns all of it
If he knows how to model from scratch, if he knows how to rig from scratch, then he knows how to use it for drawing from scratch, unlike if he was a /beg/ he could never make a 3D model in the first place.

If it's someone else's model with zero understandance of the fundamentals then it's just a crutch that still will end up with mid uncanny results.

>> No.7198411

Ai is flawed, 3D models isn't.

>> No.7198421

There's a time and place for everything, retard.
Stop trying to replace everyone's efforts with one "slop" method.

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>Cris chan
>Krita cults
This place is a circus.

>> No.7198506

esdeath and 4months schizo are also back

>> No.7198587

holy fuck, how long must've taken just to set up the reference. just go all in on blender at that point

>> No.7198672

Tracing 3d improved my skill alot (had studied anatomy before). Now I don't need them to draw angles.

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doing this is useful if you know the scene you want but not sure about your angle

>> No.7198824

how do they come up with Ideas to draw???

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Is this cheating?

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It's not cheating but if you copy the model 1 to 1 and don't know shit about gesture it WILL look like dogshit. You can't get good gesture with 3d without actually warping the model yourself form the action. A friend of mine leans on 3D models heavily and no matter how many times I say their hand drawn stuff looks more lively and energetic, they keep going back to the 3d tracing because it's faster. If you're going to use 3d models, use it as reference/scaffolding to redraw the entire pose from scratch. The result will almost always be better

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>> No.7198946

At that point it's not cheating, it's stealing

>> No.7198967

no, but you are shooting yourself in the foot. The Idea of being dependent of 3d models to get anatomy and proportion right, sound like something that will come back and bite you one day.

>> No.7199006

I'm going to do a FUCKING BETTER question:
Is it morally wrong to copy another person style for only a certain thing, like only anatomy or only shading.
Is it bwwwaaaaaaaad?

>> No.7199069

>Is it bwwwaaaaaaaad?
Because you said this, yes it is.

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>Is this cheating?
Instead of worrying about cheating, or how to avoid cheating, or if it is okay to cheat realize the truth behind the cheat
>What truth?
There is no cheating.

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until it's plagiarism

>> No.7199746

Which 3D models/programs are these? Custom made CSP?

>> No.7199769

Ditto, also takes away from the pleasure of drawing and style crafting

>> No.7199770

CSP current allows you to mold the heads but its a bloatdate thats not worth with, alsp their anime perspective tools ALWAYS sucked ass because they prioritizw hands and limbs, but other body parts are impossible.

DesignDoll models are evem worse because of bad cartoony Ladybug anatomy as well as swallowed or weird limb joints, but, its for people who can visualize how the pose its suppose to be and at least has ok perspextive tools.

>> No.7199771

op looks like custom in blender
read the image in the second one

>> No.7199817

thats a felony

>> No.7199873

Wally Wood was a god, the quote is about making a living in the comics industry.
He was under constant time crunch and needed to deliver large volumes of work to make a living.

>> No.7199930

Thanks, I've been looking for an excuse to learn 3D, I wonder what the best program for posing anime girls is...

>> No.7200122

The only thing that counts as "cheating" is tracing someone else's art, everything else is still making art.

>> No.7200284

Hopefully we never become that retarded.

>> No.7200288

>why is AI art shat on? Seems like the ultimate timesaver
Because the fun part is actually drawing, anon. Which this artist still did, even if he uses 3D as a crutch.

>> No.7200291

You gotta put in the work to try and actually understand the anatomy if you're using 3D, as it required a level of ability to rig and pose naturally.

>> No.7200293

It's okay, the necklace, ears and horns are a bit janky though.

>> No.7200295

By training their imagination. Reading might help you.

>> No.7200296

Yes, pretty much. This is the fast food version of Art.

>> No.7200324

Was about to ask if this would be a good "practice" tool to build my visual library.

Any recs for modeling software? (inb4 blender)

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It's hypocritical be predjudice using 3D software when these things existed forever.

>> No.7202406

An honest truth is that you need to trace to do the really really high end stuff. Most of the photorealistic portraits from before the camera were traced over projections. It's also good for more complex animations. See: this music video https://youtu.be/y2vzBdIejVY?si=yNZ2QyNF5eBRjJnb
The two main downsides are
>encourages permabegs to stagnate
>looks stiffer than real photos
Personally I prefer using a pose reference of a real photo over posing my own model (3d or physical) because it'll inherently be less stiff

>> No.7202425

He probably meant using it as a reference anon

>> No.7202427

Those realistic portraits you see in museums used grids rather than projections. Like, they had a physical easel with a grid on it of string or wire between them and the subject to match the grid on their canvas.

And all those artists that just copy from photos use grids too. It's the closest you can get to tracing without actually tracing. I don't normally use a grid on my paintings but if I'm drawing hands and having problems with them I'll just do a quick grid to get the basics down and then build the form from that. Easy peasy.

>> No.7202428

I mean, it's just a heads on view of an anime girl. The eyes are radically different, the head shape is slightly different, the nose is different, the hair is completely different. It's basically just anime. You could find a thousand images with this exact expression, angle, and proportions.

>> No.7202463

Can you show some paintings that have been proven to use a grid? You know like how they x-ray paintings and they can view preparatory marks like that. I'm sure some exist that show grid usage

>> No.7202486

itt digitalfags act like their poor draftsmanship isn't embarrassing

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this is what happens when you skip loomis.

>> No.7202566

That's why AI is here for you

>> No.7202639

Yes but in this case at least the artist is competent enough to go without it, he probably has aphantasia or needs more inspiration than usual to get going since I don't see what would be the point otherwise. Most 3dlets don't know how to draw on their own so everything they trace looks traced.

>> No.7202643

>sketch your kings
what did he mean by this

>> No.7202646


These are such a cope statements. Paving way to Aisloppa, yay!

>> No.7202678

no, there are objectively good reasons to trace objects, such as a commercial illustration that can be stylized after the trace. look at drew struzan movie posters or almost any other commercial artist in the past that traced/projected their work to get shit done. tracing and composition is still a skill
other complex objects like guitars and guns are almost impossible to draw in correct perspective so tracing it can be a big help, same with other complex machinery. your mechanical knowledge and mastery of fundamentals will only make your work stand out more but drawing over photos or tracing is the obvious thing to do to tackle some types of work

>> No.7202681


And that's why illustrations for this kind of purposes will be eventually streamlined to AI.

Where is the "no"?

>> No.7202703

this is just convincing me that illustrators are mostly 3d cope artists, and manga/animation/comic book people are the only good commercial draftsmen.

>> No.7202715

Because most people don't get off to the gacha roll system current AIslop is fundamentally based on.
Why waste time generating 100 images in the hopes of an image meeting halfway up the artists' standards just to fix it or use it as a reference when you could have just sketched out what you already know what you want to draw and be done with it in the same amount of time? Yes, maybe rending that image takes longer than a shat out AI but it can't compare to the final drawing since it not being fixed to look good, it just will because it's draw correctly in the first place.

>> No.7202716

learn Blender and make your own, will take some time but then you can make anything

>> No.7202789

You've got it totally backward on who's using tracing the most

>> No.7202826

I kek'd. You dont realize how much time saving you get from using 3D for manga/comic do you?

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I'm sure if I looked online I could find them but I went to the indianapolis art museum and they had a painting of an artist doing a portrait that had the grid setup in it and everything. It was like a painting of the painting.

Also some basic googling:

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Yes, but also no because it stops being art.

>drew struzan
> almost any other commercial artist in the past that traced/projected their work to get shit done
yes, and it looks like dog shit.

just looks like a cell shaded 3D model(bad)

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File: 303 KB, 1666x2103, 20240519_084234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not cheating when used to produce a pose you can't visualize in your mind.
Is cheating if traced.
Not applicable towards commercial things even when traced, because money doesn't smell.

>> No.7202945

Why would you need to do this over a simple fucking Profile?

>> No.7202954

The question is did he use a grid to create the drawing or is he using a grid to help him transfer the drawing he created without onto a canvas?

>> No.7202963

In the Study I don't know but in the link it shows the device used to make portraits and still lives onto the canvas. In the painting I saw at the museum the artist was using the device to make the paint the portrait and not just do a study or transfer over. A grid device is illustrated to do landscapes as well.

Not all artists used them and even if you did you would still need to know your anatomy and how to build form. They are just there to speed things up and get the general shapes down quickly and accurately.

>> No.7202978

>yes, and it looks like dog shit.
in your view. now post examples of things that look good to you

>> No.7203002 [DELETED] 

show me jim lee tracing or toriyama

>> No.7204412
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I think people just think you have to construct a new 3D model every single time you use one for your work, like generating ai from scratch each time like a gotcha role. That's not how 3D usage works and is why 3D is so preferred by companies so much because it's recyclable. That's why 3D overshadowed 2D for 25 years, despite not being objectively better for art than 2D.

3D, as a tool, is far more efficient and reusable than anything else we have right now, and I don't see that changing because the entry to make actually good models that can even mimic 2D is becoming smaller and smaller. Anyone can make shapes in the form of box men or blob people, rig it, and use to skip the blocking stage doing it by eye alone. Skilled people can make a decent replica of a character, rig it, and use it for a quicker construction for an art piece more efficiently than doing it without it if you know how to.

>> No.7204454

If you already don't know what you're fucking doing then it's only cheating yourself. However it only matters how much it will actually affect you when you DON'T use it.

I don't paint with real paints, I do my paints digital, will I suffer in a situation where I don't have my digital paints? Fuck yes. Apply to 3d models. I trace over 3d models, if I don't have a 3d models to trace over, am I worse comparatively? If the answer is yes, then I'm cheating myself and don't actually know the rhyme or reason for any of the fucking shit I'm actually doing.

>> No.7205738

you overestimate how often 3d assets are used in manga creation

>> No.7205845

Cheating? Maybe, it really depends on how soulless you want your end product to look. This is one of the "saved once when I was horny but never reviewed ever again" type of art pieces.

>> No.7206047

I'm considered trying to make 3d models on my artstyle to speed up commissions but every time I drew from 3d the angle just looked fake and strange. It's like when you trace a picture entirely, it just doesn't translate well to how we see stuff with our eyes, idk how to explain it it's just a gut feeling.

>> No.7206932

>lol anime all looks the same argument
Are you fucking blind? No, it's not radically different. It's an unrendered tracing. It's so blatant, it includes the exact same eye shape right down to smaller details like the creases. Just because they couldn't be fucked to render the eyelashes didn't make it a different eye. The shape of the mouth is altered but the character is basically doing the same stare and smile. NGMI

>> No.7206978

I mean just how long do MOST people spend looking at a comic/manga page, really? 1-2 seconds? It's not like MOST people study that shit

>> No.7207124

No, but not being able to draw from imagination is truly a shame.

Plus it shows you haven't truly tried and grind construction, anatomy, perspective, anything really.

Now, if you are doing a project where it requieres heavy perspective and meeting deadlines, I see no problem with it, usually if you're taking these types of comisions you're all ready good at those skills but still employ 3d model tracing to up-speed the workflow