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-TRUE UP 2024 edition-

This is a thread for those who want to go through dynamic sketching as a group in an effort to improve drawing skills starting from the very fundamentals. Here we share the tedious grind, crit and encourage each others.
Please specify the week you're on and if it's dynamic sketching 1 or 2 when posting your work.

>What's Dynamic Sketching?
A class by Peter Han that focus on improving draftsmanship, construction and design. It is intended for beginners, but the second class can be useful even for /int/. It covers a wide variety of subjects, but not figure drawing.

>Where to get it?

\Course\Form and Construction\

>Peter Han says to get a lot of material, are they needed?
Your choice. Honestly, just draw. Use what you have. But if you want, you can get it. You can do it digitally, but try to refrain from using ctrl+z and other features. At the end of the day though, do what you want. As long as you put the work you're gonna see progress.

>I'm /int/ (as if, pyw faggot), should I bother?
If you want to expand your range of subjects, I recommend it. It also covers a lot of fundies that doesn't hurt to revisit. I suggest you start with DS2 though.

week 1: Lines and ellipses
week 2: Organic forms and textures
week 3: Perspective, basic of light
week 4: Form intersections
week 5: (Optional) Materials: markers, paint, pencils, etc.
week 6: Plants
week 7: Redesign
week 8: Preview of DS2: military vehicles
week 1: Recap of DS1
week 2: Insects
week 3: Bones
week 4: Animals
week 5: Cars
week 6: Military vehicles
week 7: Planes
week 8: Reworking, Portfolio, New redesigns
*every week of DS2 include a redesign homework

Mess up a lot, get that mileage in, but most importantly pyw

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To kick things off, here's my first week stuff

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Shit, posted without picture.
Anyway, control of ellipse is terribly hard but doing the motions every day improves the muscle memory for it. I'm still also experimenting on my grip since I get sore pretty fast, so sometimes lines goes to shit but it doesn't matter. I'm trying stuff up

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why is he asian?

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Why aren't you?

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And here's what I got started for week 2 so far.

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post the Luke skywalker

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I am, but I'm not sure why

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You'll get it one day

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thank you for the encouraging words, anon. perhaps you're right.

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this course is asscheeks bro, he spends a ton of it yapping outside, with terrible camera angles.
the Charles Hu dynamic sketching in the ic torrent in video course general is much much better.

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I will probably not live long enough to finish the course.

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Based, Han gives a lot of good advice in his livestreams, good to have as background noise while working from a pirated copy of the dynamic bible

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Is the course on NMA the same Dynamic Sketching as in OP?

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>the Charles Hu dynamic sketching in the ic torrent in video course general is much much better.

is this true?

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only one way to find out

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Is it the same schedule? If so thats sick, can pick whoever you want. Ill go and download it rn and check it up.

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nah it's a somewhat different schedule but a lot of the same topics, but much more professionally executed.

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Can he lift more than Han though?

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No, the one on NMA is taught by Charles Hu.

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Charles Who?

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Been drawing as a hobby for a few years but I need to improve my line confidence. Doing it digitally in Photoshop. What settings would you recommend?
Should I use a toned background? recommended canvas size? Zoom %, stay the same, zoom in and out for different arm movements? what about the brush and brush size? pressure size?
Tried this:
>A4 canvas @ 300ppcm (8910x6300pixels)
>White background, black foreground color.
>Drawing at Zoom 12.5%, 16.67%, 25%.
>Hard round brush
>Hard round brush with pressure size
>Hard round pencil tool (no anti-aliasing)
>Hard round pencil tool with pressure size
No smoothing. No undo, except a couples of times when I did it out of habit. Forgot about the going over the same line thing.
Canvas was a bit laggy, too big.

I know it's autistic and doesn't matter that much, just curious what you guys would recommend.

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I remember the early lessons were nice for a /beg/ to get some confidence with shapes and start to feel the form, but very quickly becomes "rest of the fucking owl" and jumps into tanks and shit.

shit like canvas size doesn't matter much, but jesus dude, get a smaller brush size. Regardless of zoom level, you want your lines to be about the size they'd be if you had used a pencil on your screen, not a toddler's crayon.

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I see what you mean, how's this?
1080x1920 pixel canvas
100% zoom.
5px, 3px, 4px pixel brush. Any smaller and I can hardly see the brush cursor.
Lines kinda thick from going over them.

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retard just skip digital for now and just use an ol regular pen and paper.

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fuck it we doing 1px brush

I'm specifically trying to improve my digital skills, doing these exercises traditionally didn't really help.

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That's a good thickness, where you can actually tell which strokes overlap and which don't, and exactly where they begin and end.

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this side of things is genuinely pointless, but his approach to drawing things 2d and gaining an understanding of proportion and shape is good before going into something

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oops I lied, that was a 2px brush. these were 1px. but 2px felt better. The waves and arcs are a lot harder. How do you decide what type of wave to do? Are straight lines for guides ok? Some got very messy, need to slow down. Enough practice for today, time to draw for fun. My bad if it's too spammy.

Yeah I agree, being able to see each line helps.

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Use toned canvas when we get into highlights for textures. Until then doesnt matter. I'd say just a hard round and 1-2px. Zoom in or out changes nothing for this exercise, you'll want to practice just like on paper: about 2 inch (on the tablet), half the tablet, full length

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He lays all the foundation of construction needed. After that its just observation and applying the basic forms to it. Draw the rest of the fucking tank

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Not pointless to me who has barely any control over my pen. This is just to build confidence and muscle memory. If you've been drawing for years I can see it being useless, but for someone who never draw and pick a pencil as if for writing, this is good. It practices full arm movement

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For digital I would personally do 1 perfectly straight line and practice going over it as best as you can. Also I wouldnt hesitate to rotate the canvas as I see fit. Basically try to practice the movement you will use for real drawings

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But it's the same content right?

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i have trouble downloading the torrent, im stuck downloading the metadata, despite having a gb connection and 13+ seeders being connected. what am i doing wrong?

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Not sure, it worked fine for me. I'll consider uploading the course on mega for us

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update client
use qbittorrent
and most importantly
You have to wait more if the file sizes are bigger
E.g. that 1tb ic torrent will only start downloading only after half an hour maybe more regardless of your connection's actual quality

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Watched the first video of Peter Han's course yesterday and the first couple of Charles Hu's today. Hu's seems better so far, higher quality, better camera angles. longer, more thorough explanation.


tried a perfect guide line on the first ones, it helped. also tried rotating the canvas a bit, 10 degrees or so. was more comfortable, but skewed the lines a bit. will have to get used to it.

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Yo am I reading this right that the torrent is over 900GB? Damn

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If you ger everything, yea. But dynamic sketching 1 and 2 is like 12gb

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Stop drawing non sensical shapes without context. Start drawing something with those shapes. Why do you think kim jung gi got good grinding humans in boxes?

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Those are just the dynamic sketching exercises I did to warm-up. Also did some quick figures and copied an illustration.

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texture fucking sucks. It's hard and tedious as hell but heres some. I realize I hate it because it's something I need to actually get good at

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Why are all these dynamic sketching artists Asian?

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Because they made it

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just don't waste your time on it too much, get into actually drawing things and the flow of line will come to you as you build better observation skills

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where did you find charles hu's? it doesnt seem to be in the IC-STUDY magnet

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wont be in the torrent since it's newer
it's on CGPeers, the telegram and OCC

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guess ill wait untill someone posts it in the videocourse thread

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its on bilibili too but only low resolution unless you have an account

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It's one of these, there's a way to download from there or just stream it

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i kneel, thank you

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Is it visual developement or dynamic sketching?

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First time doing the one-point boxes and arrow exercises, did I do it right? Borked the top left cube.

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Looks fine to me. Whats the arrow thing?

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This exercise from Charles Hu's version of Dynamic Sketching

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I have to check it out, haven't had time yet. It seems like a really good exercise

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used the shift tool on the 1point cubes on the left
done with week 1, starting week 2 tomorrow

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organic forms

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Based pyw poster, keep it up. I'll prolly start this course soon because I'm feeling stuck

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I’m starting digital soon and Ngl this looks like an excellent way to transfer my draft skill over from trad techniques

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I'm pretty /int/ at this point I think, but my weakest areas are still perspective and form. Didn't know this was called Dynamic Sketching, to me it's just "Draw a box" or "Scott Robertson How to draw" which I feel covers the same steps? Either way I did some of these practices years ago and stopped, picking them back up again because I'm tired of being as mid as I currently am with perspective, form and subsequently construction.

Tend to try to fill half a 7k x 7k 600dpi canvas with lines drawn over 8-9 times and a bit of ellispes and circles in there for good measure, then 1point perspective on the left side (Very loose adherence to the scheduling kinda at the point where I feel I understand a few things of what I need and should just try to tackle them)

I Try to keep my pen small so I can see more inaccuracies and work with 0 stab

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>I'm pretty /int/ at this point I think,
not to crab you but like look at the state of those boxes

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Oh no dude trust I KNOW they're dog shit. Weakest area is again perspective and form. It doesn't stop me from drawing what I need to to get the job done, but it def holds me back from being better than I am at the moment.

Type of a guy who will make a good enough picture for the normies to eat, but anyone with a critical enough eye could easily see the problem areas ya dig? Don't get much in the way of studious practices, but I do draw a lot if
you catch my drift.

(A lot of "pretty" and "Good Enough" rendering can cover a lot of mistakes)

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Jesus Christ!

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Nice and varied with a good feel of form

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Draw a box guy was a student of peter han and copied his class lol