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Does having poor and stunted social skills prevents you from learning how to draw well?

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yep. there's your validation. now you can go do something else instead of wasting your time with made-up excuses

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No, I think my drawing skills are sorta decent.

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blackpill me on autism

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I'm not sure if I'm autistic but a lot of people think I am autistic. It's fine honestly. Just a matter of learning to live with it in my opinion.

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No. It prevents you for getting a job. So many times projects revolves around a group of friends. It doesn't matter if Johnny suck at drawing, he's "our" buddy, and if he's "good enough" for the job, then "no one better than him".
If you can't present yourself as a likeable character to be around, to have a chat about anything, you will be rejected by opportunity time and time again. Opportunity is just a guy looking for a friend. First of all. If there's any gain to be had behind that opportunity that's a 2nd step phase. 1st step is the approach phase, if you can't get to do that 1st step, then you're like a Ferrari wrapped on a disgusting vinyl design wich no one wants to take for a ride.

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Yeah this is true.
But at least it doesn't prevent you from learning how to draw.

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i fucking wish someone had taken me aside -- no, taken every fucking kid aside at during public school, but ESPECIALLY the autists, and told them this: social skills are the number one most important thing you need to get ahead in life, more than fucking mesopotamian history or multivariable calculus or the krebs cycle or whatever. really get it into their puny heads somehow. otherwise the school system is useless.

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I think so. I personally regret not looking at people in the eyes and also not having a more normal social experience.

Heck I make a living as a pinup artist and yet I'm a 40 yo incel. I'd kill to know how much better my art would be if I had carnal knowledge of the female body.

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pay a whore
better yet, pay a whore to come in your studio and stand in front of a bright light (they call these people "models", artists used to employ them regularly before photography existed)

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No but having low self esteem or being isecure will. I know from experience

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Why is Mr Kojima afraid? :c

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Indirectly yes

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I've known few extremely skilled sociopaths lurking around this board and nobody likes him.This guy >>7196415 is right.

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It mostly doesn't matter but i think it makes me bad at coming up with believable expressions and acting choices + dialogue. All that stuff is a struggle for me because i'm not as socialized as most people

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Given how no one has even posted art on this thread, I would say yes.

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I'd probably draw women more accurately if I fucked one more often but otherwise I'm fine I guess, it's just the lack of practice.

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He saw your mama naked hahaa... I'm sorry that was a mean joke. He just saw Beau Is Afraid a movie by director Ari Aster

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>I'd kill to know how much better my art would be if I had carnal knowledge of the female body.
It doesn't help that much.

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It’ll make you good at whatever your interest is. Sometimes it’s something useful. Sometimes it’s something useless

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Its the opposite. If you're well adjusted and you interact with society, you can't be a good artist. Art is about the suffering of the soul. To become good at art you have to be shit, persevere through being bad, focus even harder while being average, and then work twice as hard to become ok. You have to deal with drawing terrible things that nobody likes, and if you need external validation then you won't survive this step.

Normal people don't have the mental fortitude to try their best at something they are bad at, its always ironic.