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I was comissioned to make a public artwork for my local city. I am supposed to deliver a draft of the piece beforehand.
It will be a sculpture made from limestone, that I will carve on site by hand.

What do you think of my draft?

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how am I supposed to interpret this?

it looks energetic, but I see no meaning in it and I feel no emotions when studying it.

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Jesus Christ anon don't contribute to the modern slopification of our public monuments.

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make it more vagina esque

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It's supposed to be a monument to resilience.
But I get what you are saying.
Feeling like a fraud is what prompted me to even post this here.

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>monument to resilience
like the resilience of women. Make it more vagina esque

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Vaginas are quite resilient, I'll give you that.

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Push the block shapes upwards a bit more so it resembles a castle, geometric, being engulfed by waves
Most people can't bother imagining things inside shapes so you have to hammer it down kind of hard

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>Most people can't bother imagining things inside shapes so you have to hammer it down kind of hard
>things inside shapes
>hammer it down kind of hard
so it’s vagina esque?

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Just make a man breaking out of his chaining on the wall or something. Add a rosary on his neck for an even deeper interpretation

Your draft is fucking ass. Do not contribute to the modern """""art""""".
Focus on the fucking subject not your own farts

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he could also make it more vagina esque, as to make it understandable

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If I see this in my town, I swear to God, I will vandalize that shit with dogshit

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Make a brutalist communism fist breaking a chain.

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Make it depict something, holy fuck. Like a person with a dagger covered in wounds slitting the devil's throat.

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The swirl is cool and energetic... But it makes me think of a tornado or whirlpool, not something I would associate with resilience

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This fucking sucks and will deface your city. How about making something actually meaningful and beautiful or is that too oppressive for modernists?

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Too metal for the pussies in city hall.

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it’s nice. i like it op. also trust your design sense more cuz if they came to you they must want something like your previous body of work, or be satisfied with what they’ve seen you do.
maybe make it a bit more balanced and a little less lumpy and sagging in silhouette, shore it up/squash and stretch it a minor bit till its whorls feel like a more even believable transformation caught mid-state from its being originally something like a rectangular pillar/prism..?

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it would be so fucking funny though

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It's good man, problem is sculpting isn't real art. That is why you feel like a fraud. I am not being silly, but rather the authenticity of the experience you're after from creating 'art' is not ever going to translate properly to any project you must do with others involved.

A camel is a horse designed by committee, and a hack is just any artist who's personal measures are distorted by an external force.

The sculrpture concept looks solid, the sacle is nice, but the feeling you're having needs to be treated more maturely or you will have problems with clients in the future.

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Sculpture is probably the most impressive art form from the perspective of normies. At least reductive sculpture is.

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>sculpting isn't real art
have you never paid attention during history class? clearly this fag hasn't seen a greek statue

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You seem to be under the impression that sculpture like the OP somehow requires multiple people involved. I have experience carving stone and it is the absolute norm to work solo on a piece from start to finish.

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Study more Hermann Obrist.

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Who's he delivering the draft to? Himself?

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ask yourself this: what would arno breker do?

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Even though it just looks like a twisted up easter island head, I still prefer this version

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make it an amongus when viewed from a certain angle

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nice improvement!

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Some kids gonna get his head stuck in that hole.
The sculpture looks generic and expected, uninspired.

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The bottom half is just a repetition of the same rhythm over and over again. A good sculpture is supposed to be interesting and different from every angle, your shit is the same slop no matter where you look at it from. This is why you actually need to study instead of jumping on the contemp art bandwagon. Not that I blame you, anon, just saying. Try again, use classic art for inspiration (without necessarily making a classical piece).

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you should make chima

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Perhaps the cube part slanted forward as if it's pushing against the waves will make it look like it's thriving despite it, or better yet, seeing if you can slant the whole sculpture a little more (making it skinnier at the top so it doesn't topple). The waves add good energy but I feel like you could do more.