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How do you get this good at painting? This is not about perspective, or anatomy or anything like that. This is not in any textbook, how do you figure out how to make paintings like this? Are there "fundies" for appeal?

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technically good? yes
appealing? debatable

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yeah, looks tacky

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It's called having a soul anon, exactly the type of thing that rigorous grinding of fundies tend to kill.

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It embodies everything it supposes to, educate yourself on art and taste.

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This dude just has monstrous anatomical and painting knowledge combined with artistic vision. You can throw around words like "composition" and it sort of points you in the general direction, you can talk of obvious influences like Rockwell and Leyendecker, but the reality is, you can't reduce what went into this into discrete, learnable parts that will then lead you to a similar result. "How?" By creating art, figuring out his tastes, and going the distance. That's it. This is half a lifetime of applied study and creativity in a focused way to a specific subject.
You should be inspired and humbled by it, but you shouldn't try to imitate it. Instead be creative and curious in your own way, follow your tastes, and take your craft seriously. If you have good instincts, you'll end up somewhere better.

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a little bit of art history goes a very long way, digital artists lag behind this horribly

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*most digital artists
because i know someone is going to say op is digital, yeah yeah. but if you include what the old fucks did in the past, you can make some really beautiful shit

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I'll name him "King Sloppa".

It's not about his painting skills, or "knowledge". It's the composition, and "taste", the theme, look at the flag, look at the idealized androgynous blond guy. He's desperately and shameless catering to a particular crowd/market. Sucking that american white dick like a desperate whore trying to please her rich client. He doesn't give a fuck. Japs became like that naturally. What I mean is that if you're an american, I don't think you have what it takes to artistically sell your gaping asshole shamelessly like that. This guy is what "modern art" was in the 80s. Performance art and all that NYC crap. It's the same kitsch shit movement updated.
I'm not saying it's "bad", "wrong", "ugly", or "trash", but describing what it is, and informing you that you should focus more on the mindset behind the "composition" (kitsch americana slop) and not so much on the skill. His "skill" is not what makes him interesting for the viewers of his art. If you want to understand what's behind his "success".

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It's JoJo fan art you pseud retard

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Same goes to JoJo.

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>you can't reduce what went into this into discrete, learnable parts that will then lead you to a similar result.
I feel like this is true, but still, I wish some of it could be learned by studying it, even if it's not everything... I wonder what goes on in the head of this artist, for example, how he makes decisions about his composition. Are there any really good artists that talk while they paint about the decisions they make?
> "How?" By creating art, figuring out his tastes, and going the distance.
There are people who draw for a long time and never get very far. This is scary.

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>I wonder what goes on in the head of this artist, for example, how he makes decisions about his composition
Most compositions are inspired by something that was done before. This guy has a wealth of film posters, book/magazine covers, and mid-century illustrators to draw inspiration from. It's nothing totally new. He just had to map anime fan art onto it, and bring his unique skills and stylistic touches to it.
But at the core, that's all composition is. Modeling a picture after what already exists, and then mixing in other influences as well as personal taste to create something that feels new.

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you have bad taste.

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do thumbnail studies of compositions you like, to the level of picrel. Identify what makes the images looks good. How do the values draw the eye, how are they structured and grouped? How do the colours sit in relation to each other, how is colour temperature distributed? What is the composition and heirarchy of shapes? It's all practice. It will be overwhelming at the beginning but slowly you will start to understand and be able to implement your learnings and studies into your own art, but don't expect to get anywhere straight away. You need thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of failed compositions.

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you have bad taste

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he's also in his early 20s i think

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For all of you with great taste, and an eye for what is appealing, can you post something to point this fellow and others browsing this thread in the right direction? Please post examples so we can learn more.

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What are you a fucking toddler with ADHD?
What about that looks good?

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The more I look at it, the more I see how shitty that whole thing is.
What's the idea behind it? To insult the american "culture-heritage"? I don't get it.

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you too, please post something that reflects your taste. If this doesn't look good to you, then what does? Back up your opinions with some substance, otherwise you are contributing nothing to the discussion

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It's fan art of a japanese comic

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>What about that looks good?
America? fuck yeah!

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>How do you get this good at painting?
be gay

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How do you get this sovl at painting?

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i love when people post a paintings that fucking sucks on this board asking whether it's good, funniest shit i've ever seen

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Why do you sound as if you are seething over murica?

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post a picture you think don't suck, I want to see something.

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yeah, exactly what I thought.

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What is that you thought anon?

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nta, but i think that >>7193214 reinforces the theory that everyone on /ic/ only like anime girls

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I can post plenty of other art i like too, but this thread already was anime related, so i responded with anime art i think is good.

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I can post plenty of other art i like too, genuinely the two pictures i responded in this thread suck in two very different ways.
OPs post isn't technically awful but it's a chore to look at and extremely kitsch, but that's just my opinion. The other guy posts that one image every thread and is probably a troll but still, godawful image.

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This comment reads exactly like how a Jojo character would type

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If you put the effort in there's always time, comparing yourself to others isn't gonna do you good, you have your own life and experiences, they are not like the others, use that to your advantage. You may be disadvantaged in one way or the other over your peers, but you have your own taste, your own eyes, use them wisely, discipline yourself and you can accomplish whatever you seek.

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You do realize that OP is supposed to look kitsch and busy? That's why it's great. It deliberately embodies that sort of aesthetic. JoJo's aesthetic is all about being bold and unapologetically flamboyant. There is even the term jojocore, which overlaps with kitsch. It's like criticizing lemons for being sour.

The second one is mid animu slop, I have nothing to say about that one.

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You're absolutely right anon. I already knew this, but it really helps to hear it reaffirmed by someone else. Thanks

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Is the top picture even Jojo? It's genuinely hard to tell, i thought it was but then i looked at the characters and had no fucking idea anymore.
Even on the topic of being intentionally kitsch i'd say the picture OP posted fails in that. The main reason is that there's too many subjects in the center, there's a lot of visual noise, you don't know what you're supposed to looking at, what to pay attention to, how to differentiate the characters as important/distinct and who they are etc. At least imo OP image would be much better with less detail and clutter, more focus on the actual characters, which I believe is what we're supposed to be looking at, take for instance by contrast this drawing by Araki, looking at this does not make you think "what the fuck am i supposed to even focus on in this frame", you can easily see all the fucking characters. The background still has artistic flair to it but not a redundant amount of detail.

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ok, you meant jojo's aesthetic, i can somewhat see that, but what i said still stands, and more-so if the characters are the authors OC's because the characters lack any of the interesting clothing and outfit design that Araki has been known for, honestly if you want to draw Jojo-like characters & design you actually should try getting into fashion because Araki is very clearly very conscious of it and you can see it in his art. There's a lot of interesting clothing that alone can make a character stand out, OP picture lacks that, the characters fail to make any impression on me, not only because of the visual clutter, but also because the character design is just not there at all.

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At least in my opinion, even without SBR being a great manga, seeing this character design in a vacuum, it immediately stands out.

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why you shouldn't go to this shithole for advice. You will end up being a perma/beg/ and forever stuck in /asg/.

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i've never seen someone who is good at art post about wah beg wah INT wah wah permabeg. It's a meaningless buzzword, and nobody outside of 4chan/ic/ uses it, art is not just a single skill, you can be garbage at one thing and excel at another, crying about le muh fukin wah i DUN WANNA BE LE PERMA/BEG/ evidences you don't know shit about art in the first place.

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photoshop is a tool. and as a wise man once said

no rules, only tools.

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thanks for proving it though. perma /beg/ is lingo for someone who forever stuck at the level of a beg no matter what and you fit in that description. The art community outside of /ic/ are hug boxy and hate criticism(not being called a fag or any of the typical shit poster garbage) and a good chunk of it suffer from dunning kruger and the majority of them are beginners too, so any tips used or critiques will be met with vitriol. /beg/s hate being called /beg/s and think drawing for multiple years means you aren't a /beg/ anymore when that's the furthest from the truth. Now stay in your containment.

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I honest to god do not get some of the complaints with the piece.
>Its too busy/what am I supposed to focus on
First thing that caught me was Valentine's face due to his hair, scars and outfit then downwards towards the small scrawl of characters.
>What is about?
Well since its fan art piece to jojo its about that and taking a more realistic take on the characters from there outfits to the time it takes place on since some pieces of art hosted at this time have this kind of look to it. That and old movie posters of the 40ties that glorify the Wild West era with similar poster constructions.
Only real complaint is 'due to its more realistic depiction, I do not know what character is which' save obviously for Valentine and Johnny that's on the far right on the horse. Maybe its because I haven't bothered to read the manga or looked close enough. Would love to know who's who from the artist themselves or anyone who knows. Outside the fanart itself its a very nice piece and wish I knew how the fuck they got the scars looking that good.

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>Paintings that fucking sucks
>Post a anime painting that fucking sucks

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Say no more nigger. I will post some of my fav compositions in no particular order.

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propaganda posters are always good inspo for composition, they knew about their shit

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Have you tried becoming chinese?

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She looks like my mom lol

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>Literally posts propaganda in the style of the 50s
>eye appealing

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Post your mom so we can compare

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lol, it's exactly the same 70's pic style vintage photo. It's in her house. I should go see her, before she dies preferably.. shit. Now I'm sad.

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Funny Valentine propaganda poster? I don't recognize anyone except the train

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thank you for backing up your takes with some substance unlike the majority of posters in this thread. So many ppl here shitting on OPs taste but to afraid to share their own. Good stuff

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its a woman(ftm)

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Based and True

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huge if true. source?

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NTA, but here's one. Look at OP's painting in thumbnail, versus this one. OP's painting exhibits technical skill, but what elevates the depiction of form into art is a sense of design. OP's painting looks like a bunch of distinct illustrations that were cut out and then pasted together. It doesn't read well at a distance. The colors are garish and ugly. There's no clear focal point; areas of high contrast (in both value and color) are all over the place.

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Is it really a good painting, though? It's showing off the artist can render hair and fabrics, but its not really saying anything.

Stop worshipping technique alone. Raise your bar. Technique-worshipping is a horrible path to improvement. I'm looking at you, KJG dick suckers.

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>It doesn't read well at a distance.
Yes it does, retard.

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It looks much better than what you just posted.

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the only reason you think thats better is because its by some old dead fuck, it doesnt even look good and from a thumbnail. you cant even make out that its a centaur because the fucking values blend completely into the background

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Your taste sucks but that's not unusual so don't feel bad.

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If you find that image appealing, does it mean that you're gay?