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How do you cope with developing a ugly art style?

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i wouldn't know

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Dont then.

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Be more self critical, find out what makes your art ugly. A problem I had was when I tried to draw cute girls, like anime girls for example, Id draw everything too detailed and itd look creepy and weird. A lot of cute things are made of round shapes and look simplistic. Even if things are drawn in a simple way, it takes a good artist to know how to execute it well though.

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Change to S O V L

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just draw anime? what's so hard about it?

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Just draw touhou

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By increasing your skills.

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You lean into it and make uglycute, the most soulful art

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Damn this kawayoo guy's art is really fucking cool, thanks for posting him.
Reminds me a bit of tokiya sakuba.

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I love him. He, tokiya, and Jon Taira all worked in that "style" during the 2000s, but Kawaguchi Youhei's the only one who's really kept it up till today. I don't know what it's called or if there's even a recognized name for it Japan. Just some insanely madcap creative Y2K Japanese art style that you know when you see it.

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ugly artstyle = soul rot.
If your art starts looking ugly it means your souls is decaying and God is taking His blessing away from you because you have been living in sin