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For stupid questions and questions that don't deserve their own thread.
Post here if you don't expect your thread to reach 100+ replies.

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i love that gif
do all artist sketch with pencil, then ink and delete pencil, or do some artist ink directly?

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Google kim jung gi

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I've never gotten digital artwork professionally printed before, what's your experience with it?
I drew a 4200x3300 300 dpi piece of art for a convention, (I have it in multiple file formats including a monstrous 237 megabyte TIFF) and I want to get it printed in nice poster quality.
I've heard from other artists in-person RGB is fine but only when using a good print service, because CMYK can do weird stuff (he showed me an ocean he drew that turned purple when it was supposed to be blue)
Any online print services that will show an approximation of what your printed picture will look like BEFORE you go and pay for it? It's really, really stupid that they'll show you what it looks like when finished but only after you gave them money and it's too late to really do anything about it

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I'm an avid visual learner and I'd like to learn more about art history.
Is there a complete video course (or courses) about the subject, explaining techniques, artists and characteristics of each period and movement?
Which would you suggest?
I'm interested both in western and eastern art history but mostly western

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How do you approach studying an art piece? Like, what's the checklist, what do I need to do - do I watch it closely first, do I copy it and if I do, what should I do with it?
Right now I'm just copying stuff from Bridgeman and trying to pay attention to proportions and gestures, but I feel like my approach is not correct and I'm not learning anything.

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depends on what you want to learn from it

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Right now I want to learn how to draw ok-ish figures that are proportional and not stiff. I'm not even concerned with bones and muscles yet, I just want to learn basic landmarks, proportions and movement (or rhythm? I don't understand the terminology sorry) of a human body.

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learnig types are a meme made up by an australian supernintendo, ya doofus

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You aren't getting past any gym without learning types.

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If she wasn't retarded she would be hot as fuck

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What anatomy books or vids should I choose to begin? Loomis? people say his methods are hard but I need and want to get better at this

the sticky is dead btw

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What are some good books on composition. A few for both classical composition and more modern stuff used in animation/movies would be ideal.

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vision - hans bacher
Composing Pictures -Donald Graham
edgar Payne's book
creative illustration - loomis
creative fundamentals books - Devin korwin
fundamentals of composition - Vladimir mogilevtsev

that's enough stuff to go through for at least a decade

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Loomis is all imagination and perspective up front. And then a grueling three page spread of all the surface muscles in the body. You'll get crazy good at perspective and posing and there's a current draw thread for fdfaw going on rn.

Bridgman, vilppus video anatomy (great for beginners imo), hale's anatomy lessons from the great masters (great reference for years but requires outside study to see what muscles connect where). Also skeletons (expensive) are a good resource to draw from as well.

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Thanks! neg recommended that vision book and I was concerned it was jp only.

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where can I get grayscale still life reference photos like picrel but high-res? I know I can find some on pinterest, say, but they tend to be of lower quality. I am also interested in singular references, say ones with just a sphere, or just a cylinder.

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Download Blender, add your ball, add light, switch render engine to cycles, press render. Play around in Blender
pic rel. "Not-pro" setting or hardware, tho

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sounds fun (and useful). thanks for the rec.

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Any good desk for digital art?
I want to prioritize the width of it, something that can fit a screen and a 16" drawing tablet if possible.
I'm thinking on those desks that have the screen raised, but I don't know if the space I'm left with will be enough for the drawing tablet, I'm thinking about 60cm (23.62In) total with 40cm (15.75) left after the monitor raiser is set up. But I don't know if I could get away with less and still be comfortable.
As for the length, I think 120cm (47.24in) would be just enough space, I think I could fit 150cm(59in) in my room, but maybe you guys use even less comfortably.
I really don't plan on using speakers, just headphones, and my keyboard will be mechanical, so it takes little space.
IF possible, variable feet height, my floor is slightly uneven but enough to be annoying.

And finally, price. There's a lot of cheap Chinese brands that seem to work for as low as $90usd, but even Chinese quality rises with price, generally.
So, any good desk that can fit these characteristics, my limit is 300usd. And if it's Chinese $120usd stuff, that is robust enough to at least last 2 years.

Here's three models I like, not precisely the specific desks, just the format in as much as 300USD.
>inb4: mx, yes I'm Mexican
140cm x 60cm can support 60kg, 55in x 23.62 in, can support up to 160lb

110x45(65 - 20 from the monitor raiser) / 43.3x17.7in (25-7)

120x55/ 47.24x 21.65 but has keyboard compartment, can support up to 30kg/60lbs

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How to stop slacking off and basically become motivated/gain the necessary worth ethic.

I question if i even like drawing but i always want to try it again whenever i quit so i don't think i don't like it.
I don't draw a lot though. Maybe like 2 hours a week

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what are you supposed to take away from art that literally did not have construction or follow any anatomy

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Should I get really good at one style of drawing before learning another? Is there one that I can learn to master them all?
I want to be good at drawing all sorts of stuff but I secretly want to draw Avatar/Korra pornography

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That it's shit and not to make the same mistakes as that artist

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Does anybody know any good Ipad apps for connecting it to a computer to draw on as I can use it as a drawing tablet? I went through my sketchbook already and I have an older Ipad that I might need to use. I think I'm getting better at a lot outside of shading, which is harder to do on paper, so I want to use my Ipad for it.

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Hey, I was wondering if I should look at Hogarth or Morpho? Specifically for clothing and drapery and why?

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I happen to have access to a life size skeleton replica. What are some good ways to study from it?

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You can download a whole pack of them for free: https://770451664554.gumroad.com/l/basic-forms

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these look great, thanks anon

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what causes vagina bones? is it the lower half of the abdominal muscles?

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What do you like about it? Maybe it's the bold graphic shapes, the sense of motion, the overall composition, the color choices?

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whats the best practice to get an intuitive understanding of 3d space? Is it just drawing lots from imagination like loomis mannikins or is it getting super into backgrounds and vehicle sketching like robertson and erik olson

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visualize a perspective grid

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terrible answer try again

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visualise a good answer

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what's the fastest way to fill something properly in photoshop? for krita I just use the fill bucket with the grow option but ps doesn't seem to have anything like that and I have to manually fill the lineart which is a pain in the ass

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Nicolaides suggests doing blind contour studies to get a sense of feeling the form. Draw some object in front of you, but do it without looking at the object. You must convince yourself in your mind that you are actually touching the object while you draw. You could also try drawing some simple forms on a premade perspective grid. You'll know you're doing it right when you feel like you're moving your pencil around in a 3D space. If you mainly work in digital, try traditional pencil and paper.

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what is this made from?

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I want to make a game with these graphics, but have problems balancing a low resolution (not past 2000 pixels) and defined outlines. Is there a trick or something like that? Maybe a brush? What advice can you give me?

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Forgot pic related because I'm stupid

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youre basically running into aliasing which is an insurmountable problem. you could try dithering the edges but fundamentally you can only place so much information in a picture when sampling at a certain resolution.

I would look into vector graphics instead of rasterization though. Google will be your friend here.

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Thanks, anon. I understand what you say, but the image I showed is from a game and with a resolution of 1400xsomething it can look like pic related. So, how can achieve that? I understand the part of not showing much info because of too little space, though.

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Likely polymer clay. A popular brand is super sculpey or monster brand

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For figures I'd recommend figure drawing alongside copying bridgman. You don't really know what you're learning until you put it to the test.
>or rhythm? I don't understand the terminology sorry
that would be gesture. there are good youtube videos that cover its basics but if you want to really understand it you should find some books on it. Hampton's figure drawing is a pretty good starter though.

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Likewise, i am now a fan of this artists work!

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Thanks for the Hampton rec, got it and I like it so far.

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is greyscale to color a viable method if I have no interest in multiply layers or gradient mapping and the like? I cant really find digital artists that dont use a lot of digital tools in process videos. I was thinking of doing quick value sketches and then doing the finished work with color and having the value sketch for reference, I did that with one recently and thought it worked but it seems like a roundabout way of doing things since youre not using the sketch towards the finished work

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why is all the advice nearly useless on this board. At this point I just do the opposite of what I'm told here because I know I'll be less wrong.

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Drawing always feel easier seeing a reference image. Best places for them?

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why not just learn color theory? that way you can just put the cool colors down without any fancy digital stuff

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I made a Twitter account, now what?

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now you sit back, kick your feet up, and watch the numbers climb, baby! joking aside, if you want specific advice, you should specify why you're even on twitter/what exactly your goals are.

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I guess I'm basically trying to dip my toes into the social aspect of art and get my stuff actually seen by people outside of some discord servers.

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Photoshop just decided to stop letting me copy transparent images off of chrome. They appear in a black background now. Pretty sure I could drag and drop them before. God I fucking hate photoshop.
Is there any solution that would let me regain the basic ability of copy and pasting or am I just fucked forever? Theres solutions online that tell me to copy the link and place embedded but it sounds like a drag, I just want to copy/paste again. Fuck photoshop.

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Basically just be social. Comment on the posts of artists you like, retweet art you like, etc. Your skill level doesn't matter as long as your art is appealing enough and you actually show up on other people's timeline, whether or not if it's one of your comments or one of your posts. I check out random people's profiles all the time just because they leave comments on my posts or retweet my art. It also helps to put something like "I do art" in your description so people who do see that initial popup of your profile might be inclined to actually check out your art.

But to be honest you won't see any real gains in numbers in the first few months unless you completely whore yourself out to trends and coom (and even then that depends on your art's appeal). Focusing on making art you like and making art often is the best thing you can do so you can avoid getting that social media fatigue.

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Also side note, if you're browsing on desktop download the twitter control panel extension so you can filter out all the bullshit the algorithm tries to show you. I have it set up so my timeline only shows posts from artists I follow. It's seriously a major mental health improvement to not constantly be in the digital vicinity of arguing retards.

if you're browsing on your phone, delete the app and browse on your desktop lmao

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how THE FUCK do you log into csp in the app? the little paper clip is greyed out, i don't get a launcher asking me to login, google has been useless

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I don't draw ever. How do i change that?

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pick up a pencil and draw

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Too hard

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try everything. pick parts that you like and mix it. you don't need to start with anyone. you just need to start.

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Do artist taking commission in south American countries pay taxes?

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I want to finally start to post art on twitter and instagram. Anybody knows the best timeframe or days to post?

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what do i need to learn in order to draw furries in pretty dresses? :3

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What's the ideal size for illustrations that would be posted on twitter, ig, fb, etc? Also, is there a standard size for commissions (lewds)?

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Does anyone have a crack of Lucas Peinador's ink brushes for CSP

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>pretty dresses
My nigga.
Study drapery, learn the gesture of the fabric, how it stretches and folds etc, google the 1277 method. Get yourself some books on this topic, I like Morpho Clothing folds and creases.
Also just start hoarding scans of fashion magazines RIGHT NOW, something like Gothic and Lolita Bible. I believe archive.org has some ancient fashion
mags somewhere, but I haven't tried it yet. lolibrary.org has a lot of fluffy dresses from different brands which you can then google and find highres pictures from.
Can't help with that, sorry, ask in /fag/ (furry art general) on this board. I wish you success brother/sister/whoever you are

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What would you call this art style? If you look for 3d minimalist on google you get nothing similar. The same goes for cel shaded. I was looking for another game that had this look but I can't remember its name.

The games are Antichamber and Manifold Garden

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indie slop.

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Do the morpho books have a specific order? Or do I just read them in publication date order?

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Anything over 640 x 360 is not worth worrying about keeping it "low res". Even 640 x 360 is pushing it because its on that obscure line between too high res for pixel art and not enough res for hand drawn unless it's god tier like Blasphemous.

For your example I would draw the assets in 4x 16:9 resolution then align them on a spritesheet.

You could also parallax map it and add collison if you're like me and hate spritesheets but you'll lose real time 2d lighting that engines like godot offer

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technical/engineering drawing

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When painting, do you let your brush's size be affected by pen pressure?

Wasn't answered last thread. :(

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I do. It acts more like a real brush if you enable it. The bristles on a real brush get more spread out as you press harder.

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I don't know if I got brain damage in the last years or something but I can't tell anymore what I like, movies, art, whatever it's like I can recognize value and stuff but if I start thinking about a game I like, for example, I'm fucking blank
How the fuck do I fix this? Is it that I'm burned out on media or something?

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Would it be retarded to try to make a webcomic on Ms paint because I'm too poor and stupid to use anything else? I thought about doing this since they recently added layers

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if you want views, is better to get retweeted, times matter shit if nobody sees your shit, trendhopping helps with this

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would it be helpful to branch out a bit and study and practice the anatomy of non-human animals?
not a furry btw

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Alright Fuckos, I know one of you knows how to do this

in PS

I want to make a brush that is soft when I press lightly and hard when I press hard. Not opacity, not flow, just soft and hard. googling this shit is like pulling teeth so I thought I'd ask here

whoever gives me the right answer gets virtual head

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Depends on what you're studying and what your goals are.

Animal and human anatomy is, fundamentally identical. A lot of the same muscle groups in roughly the same areas. Studying that helps you make informed decisions in creature design.

If the branch of art you're interested in has you painting animals, study them and how they work. I wouldn't say its a fundamental, but its not a waste of time

Yes kind of? There are so many freeware options, not to mention just pirating shit. Unless you plan on getting really friendly with ms paint it would probably be better to grab Krita or Gimp or CSP/PS off a torrent

Probably friend. Check your mental health. Not enjoying things is both a sign of burnout and apathy. Slowing down on media consumption and investing yourself in something very deep in content will allow you to enjoy media more. The more you invest in a book/movie/show, oftentimes the more enjoyment you get out of it

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In this video of Toriyama drawing Goku and being interviewed:


...What is he using to do the first, rough sketch? It looks like a mechanical pencil but can anyone tell? Thanks.

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What mango this from? Thread died before I could ask. Author is female apparently and has 4 series running?

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God I hope that becomes me.

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Himawari: Kenichi Legend

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In most of them you will have the "print zone" that is a zone, a street, in your city, common know for have multiple print stores, most of them are located close to universities, specially if they have art, design, architecture deparments.
I usually went to some in my city close to an faculty of design and architecture, and look there for samples. Usually they offer some paper finishes such as the traditional glossy or opaque ones, glossy are better for illustrations, papers are usually from cheap to black and white text like 75grs, or more like 150grs that are good for images full color.

The thing is that if you go to the store people will tell you, the options, if you dont know, so that solve all your problems, they will show you the different papers, and you will see some prints there because they always have some to show.
Regarding the rgb-cmyk thing. I'm gonna explain it very simple to you: CMYK works with the inks for print, is a substractive things, RGB are just light on screens, aditive.
So for your example with that person, CMYK works better because you use colors that will be direct to transfer to the printer medium, but, it happens that some prints stores just convert the RGB to CMYK, and that's it, or not, will need to tell the people the color profile, most of the store will use some CMYK related thing.
So where is the problem? could be a lot of things, usually, usually, differences happen because the creator of the image has his monitor with bad calibration, the colors, because some people work with a lot of brightness and constrast, some monitors have "profiles" that change the color profile, in TV's is more common, like "sports", "movies", "games" profiles, PC monitors have some for default too, so that could affect. Some online websites offer simple ways to make a standard calibration. Windows, by default, has his own that you can use, that helps (dont remember where but you can look on google). That's enough to adjust most of that.

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sorry in the firt line i mean "in most of the cities".
If you happen to have some friends or know some people that study design related carrers, or architecture, ask them and they will tell you stores and ways to do it correctly because they have a lot of practive on that.

If not, you can always go and ask the print store what color profile they use and look the samples. That's really the best option and the more secure.

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read a book, you can't go more visual than that, because most of the videos are poorly made and have little image reference, proper art history books have plenty of images better explained and more fast to digest, yes more fast than videos.
I suggest read the books and check in your library the art books focused on images, they are plenty with full color proper printed images.

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dont really know but you can always build them yourself, is very easy, just stick some paper or some more thick material, like cardboard, paint them white, a cold light, that's it, for the background just buy some white paper, you have a fairly generous price range in most places.

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si eres mexicano te respondo en español, aportando de mi experiencia dibujando tanto tiempo.
Lo más importante pero mucho es la altura de la mesa, solo por ese aspecto elegiría la primera porque no sabes la influencia que tiene la altura en el flujo de trabajo.
Si has pasado varios años usando pc lo habrás notado, una altura incorrecta te provoca presiones molestas en las extremidades, desde los antebrazos a los dedos por partes o grupos enteros, por muy pequeñas que puedan ser, son acumulativas, entonces en algún momento te molestarán más.
La altura regulable te salva de toda esa porquería.

Si tienes menos presupuesto lo mejor sería irte por lo local y buscar alguien que haga muebles en tu región, y cotizar por uno, yo tengo un señor que literalmente trabaja en la feria libre de mi barrio, y hace a pedido, basta que le marques las medidas y como son muebles simples casi cualquier persona que haga muebles podrá hacerlo.
Lo ideal es tener la altura con tus brazos a 90 grados, si no te has percatado pues empieza, fíjate cómo se comporta la presión en tus manos en tus escritorios-mesas de uso diario, y sabrás rapidamente si debiesen ser más o menos altas. Las muñecas no debieran tener presión de estar apoyándose en la mesa, o de extensión porque estén algo más arriba, deben estar perfectamente reposando sin esfuerzo ni presión, en toda la zona, la muñeca los antebrazos y los hombros.
Basicamente quejate mucho pensando en eso e irás notando el detalle de la altura perfecta, si no puedes ajustar la mesa, eligue la más estandar cercana a tí y tu altura sentado, y mira tu silla, si es que la puedes cambiar o no. Si y estás bien sentado en la silla sin problemas entonces enfócate en el escritorio-mesa.
Mandarla a hacer también te soluciona lo del tamaño porque la haces a tu gusto, si es de madera y simple te debería salir relativamente barato.

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I don't know where to start studying anatomy. I am not a total beginner, I have done many still life drawings and technical drawings, but I don't know where to start studying the human figure. Could someone recommend a book to get me started?

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File: 56 KB, 460x461, Screenshot_20240523-011903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey, i also started studying anatomy recently and my way of practicing is studying 3d models from sketchfab and drawing them accurately from different angles, i use stonehouse anatomy notes book as a guide for what part of the body study next
i also asked someone more experienced(meow25meow3) and pic related was his answer

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I'm thinking of streaming from Procreate on my iPad, and I have everything set up from a technical side as far as I know. Any tips for prepping my iPad or best practices? I just want the least risk of doxxing myself because I'm sharing the whole screen. I'm thinking all I can do is close all other apps and turn on Do Not Disturb so I don't get any texts. Other than that I guess I can't export or else it would show some of my contacts' info in the share screen, right?

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Thank you

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What's a free alternative to photoshop? Or any free drawing software with decent sized resolution since IM FUCKING BROKE DAMN

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>The more you invest in a book/movie/show, oftentimes the more enjoyment you get out of it
Yeah I haven't been able to invest myself into anything in the last five years or so. I just get hyper interested while I'm consuming the content but as soon it's over it doesn't leave me anything. This goes for drawing too, if I have to think about something my mind keeps going back to the faded memories of what I liked as a teen. Everything is boring. Everything is predictable. Nothing really grasps me. Probably back then I dug too deep with constant 2deep4u stuff exposure and coming up with the result that nothing really matters in the end, all the phylosophy and search for meaning is ultimately a coping mechanism to mask the fact that most times you just don't have a choice and you have to eat shit kind of poisoned me

>> No.7176344

most streaming softwares have an option to just stream a specific app so even when u switch what u see on your screen it will still stream the app you chose
as far as i know when streaming something like photoshop even some of the menus are hidden when doing this

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Thank you! I'll do that

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where do you guys go for environmental reference now that google images is essentially useless because of ai?

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can someone help me identify what is gwen hairstyle called? I asked gpt, it said that her hairstyle is bob with braided twisted crown, but when I search that one, the result was a bunch of sheboon with sheboon braided hairstyle.
I want to know what those twisted pretzel looking bang is called so that I could draw her fanart

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They are spiral twintails like Kasane Teto has. Sometimes called "drill hair" or "twin drills" on boorus, "ringlets" in hairstyling lingo.

>> No.7177225

yeah that's the one! I think amy from soulcalibur also have this drill hairstyle. thanks anon, thank you so much

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pirated photoshop
pirated CSP

Unless you use the more niche tools they'll all do just about the same things relatively well, and any skills you learn in one will translate over once you get used to the different keybinds and whatnot

>> No.7177455

Never heard of krita, gonna look it up
Hope it's not some chink junkware

>> No.7177456

I don't know anymore why I draw
Why do you draw?

>> No.7177463

What are some effective demoralization techniques

>> No.7177497

Looking in a mirror
Making an account in any social media to post art you make
Wanting to become a professional artist and actually making a living out of it
Browsing /ic/

>> No.7177499

I want to draw but i don't do it.
Should i change that? I'm just so tired all the time.
I don't keep my dreams realistic so i'd like to draw for a living if possible one day.
I don't do it at all though. Like i've drawn for an hour or less this week. I realize this renders my dream infeasible at best.

I'm such a loser man

>> No.7177519

>I'm such a loser man
Everyone here is man. Everyone.

>> No.7177532

At least they draw and get better. I just doompost and lurk

>> No.7177568

when you learn to draw something, it is better to do it on digital or traditional?

>> No.7177573

How the hell do i respond to criticism man, I like it when people do that, but will i come off as weird? Or will just ignoring the do? Or should i just look them in the eyes and make out with them?

>> No.7177578

It's ok anon. I'm a huge antishitpost guy, but sometimes, someplaces, it's ok to be an ass. Don't be too hard on yourself man

>> No.7177580

Don't worry about that, just do whatever you want. People automatically assume you're a weirdo just because you draw stuff already

>> No.7177597

I want to do better and the inability to do it is killing me

>> No.7177606

Then just sit down and try to do something man. Do it now.
Half an hour it's fine
And do yourself a favor, don't come here a couple days, ok?

>> No.7177610

>Should i change that
only you can answer that question. I used to be terribly lazy about drawing, but over time I worked on my work ethic and thought more about how much time I've wasted and realized - in a deeper way, not just some superficial thought - that I do not want to live with the regret of not at least trying to get good at art. if you truly want to do it, take the gradual steps to improve your chances
>I'm just so tired all the time
try to figure out why that is, if you don't already know. I don't know what your day-to-day life is like, but perhaps you, like I have done in the past, self-sabotage by opting to play vidya all day, browse 4chan, YouTube, other social media all day. seek out and try various methods, the pomodoro technique, the 5 minute rule, read productivity books, meditate, etc. and
>I'm such a loser man
don't be too hard on yourself. I know it's not necessarily easy, but it would do you some good to try to look at yourself as if you were a loved one. if you had a child, for instance, who had the goal of becoming a professional artist but was lazy, you wouldn't call them a loser. be honest to but understanding of yourself.

>> No.7178175

Is there honestly an age-related cutoff for getting pro-tier?
I feel like most people I see making sub-par stuff are 25+. Do those people just give up on criticizing their work towards improvement or is there some real biological reason?

>> No.7178333

>I feel like most people I see making sub-par stuff are 25+
the vast majority of art made is sub-par, you just don't see it
>Do those people just give up on criticizing their work towards improvement or is there some real biological reason?
assuming by "some real biological reason" you're talking about the brain, as far as I can tell, no one - certainly not anyone on /ic/ - really knows the limits of IQ, brain matter/neurological make-up, and people's full potential to make conventionally good and compelling art. sure it can be harder to learn art at an older age, but realistically most people also have a sub-par approach to improving their art. you also have to consider a person's obligations as an adult and the fact that they simply don't have the time they likely did as a child. presumably you're ultimately asking to get some clarity about your own prospects, in which case you can only know your full potential by giving yourself the best chance possible to become pro-tier and not make any excuses.

>> No.7178879

I worry about lack of creativity. I think about ideas for characters, settings, and stories I want to tell with my art, but nothing really clicks. The few ideas I do like I feel are too similar to my inspirational artists, so it'd be like copying them. What is the best way to become more creative, have interesting characters, and actually "tell a story" with my illustrations?

>> No.7179021

Would it be a good idea to just post new art on your first social, or post older art to start?

>> No.7179026

that depends on the purpose(s) for your social media and potentially the quality and/or style of your older art compared to your newer art, and only you know that at this point.

>> No.7179032

are there any alcohol markers for poorfags that dont suck

>> No.7179041

Posting SFW mostly. I know people like seeing artists’ progress, yet just posting new art feels safer. Also I kind of want to make NSFW again when I get certain techniques down. That won’t be for a while though.

>> No.7179050

>I know people like seeing artists’ progress, yet just posting new art feels safer
if you're doing it to satisfy your audience and potentially gain more of an audience - which is totally fine, as far as I'm concerned - you could look at the habits of other artists in the same niche as you to gauge what the norm on that is. though if you know your audience would like to see it more than most artists show their old stuff, by all means post it more. worst case scenario, you post your old stuff a few times and get considerably less engagement than when you just posted your new stuff, in which case you can adjust your posting habits.

>> No.7179054

I see, I’ll have to consider my niche more and go on from there. And although it’ll be newer stuff mostly, I’ll post a select few older drawings at some point. Probably to show progress or illustrate something. Thanks for the advice!

>> No.7180060

I don't know how to draw hair. I hate how I draw hair. How do I draw hair.

>> No.7180149

>I hate how I draw hair
show us an example and explain your process a little

>> No.7180183
File: 3.94 MB, 2480x2334, hair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's some tuts I put together about hair. The key for me is to think of hair as 3D masses chunked up into the major regions (bangs, sides, back of the head)

>> No.7180207

My art practice is running on fumes and I really think I need to start making comics or something to rekindle my passion. What would be the most baby-tier, can't-possibly-fuck-this-up type of story project for me to start?

>> No.7180241

Adapting a short story like Little Red Riding Hood or something. Very common project for students.

>> No.7180442
File: 64 KB, 389x215, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you make body highlights like pic related?

>> No.7180476
File: 2.54 MB, 1200x1761, 12423142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In this image, why are the shadows of the blue scarf more desaturated than the side that's in light? The light is more warm and the ambient light is sky blue, so shouldn't the shadow side be getting more saturation?

>> No.7180491

How many alts do you guys use? I want to start over with a new alias because I'm bored, and then practice getting a following on new aliases like a speedrun.

>> No.7180499
File: 52 KB, 490x426, F71FF6DE-CE1D-4416-8CF5-803153173F87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does he retouch vegeta skin so well or at all ? I’d paint bucket the whole project but I want to redub and colour in yakub and make them black and Asians and shit

>> No.7180501

Overlay layer mode, use it.

>> No.7180505
File: 110 KB, 2452x1856, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking to commision a page border design thats somewhat flexible. I want a static subject in the corners, and I want the repeating pattern border to adjust according to my page size.
but I have no idea what file type I would ask a designer for so that I could use it on multiple projects.

>> No.7180516
File: 61 KB, 518x550, 41628_4eaaf4a2ab074bfba1774110527d996e_1653408133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/fit/ here. Its a complex, assuming a thin subject, its the under development of the abdominal core, and overdevelopment of the hip flexors, a muscle that goes through the body and attaches to the spine.
bad situps/lots of leg lifts/ running with no abs

the abs sit on top of this muscle and if they're under developed you get vagina bones.

>> No.7180521

textured brush, that's all

>> No.7180526

probably you are a kid, but yeah no serious guy use alt because is retarded, you are taking extra steps, or, a more fitting analogy, you are reseting the game everytime instead of just pause or use a save state, completely retarded.
You use a second account to extend the range of drawings and topics and nothing else, that's why the meta is sfw-nsfw account if you want to try that, because anything else is retarded and just shot yourself in the feets, you kill your grow, the reach, all over again each time.
Also divide yourself in multiple styles is stupid unless they are very particular areas, lets say digital drawings vs analog paintings or portraits, yeah completely different end points, so is fine, but another account for just yourself drawing the same again.... or trying to change your style... yeah you are a kid playing the social media shit, or a beg trying to cope, because in that time that you are loosing numbers, you could just, you know, improve your technique and people will look the improvement over time in your account, you could use that to make redrawings and easy fast drawings to keep the upload consistency, yeah.

>> No.7180530

If I may take a guess, they may not have to be under developed, unless you're using that word to describe something that may be worked on, just not to an extent of the rest of the body, you could achieve the vagina bones with a strong abdominal core by simply working on your abs. In magic the gathering terms, give a 0/2 creature a +4/+4 to make them a 4/6.

>> No.7180537

Nah I went from 300 followers to 1.4k followers but it was just over one artwork that blew up and I don't really like my current following. My art only gets like 20-100 likes now.
So I think, if I can get an account to blow up like that again and consistently get 1k follows that means my work is actually good, ya know? I won't repost stuff.
Also NSFW/SFW alts are for pussies. I want to pretend to be someone else.

>> No.7180558
File: 463 KB, 936x422, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no. the vagina bones disappear with development b/c the hip flexor is very deep relative to the abdominals. you could also get away with extremely undeveloped obliques and slightly developed abs, but just about any development will cover it up.

>> No.7180560
File: 48 KB, 434x650, Track-girl-scaled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see this girl with almost no development

>> No.7180565

hmm, is valid then, but consider that change your alias completely is, yeah, you are missing the part that images keep on the internet under the alias so the more you have the more instances of passive reach you have, specially if you draw things like fanart that people could possibily come again to search even if years pass (i have some old drawings that have gained like 20k views over the years just because people see those fandoms all the time over the years, without having to do anything on my part ), so getting a new alias stop the passive grow that you were building. 1K is really not much to consider anything, but if you consider that you could do it again, i dont see the problem.
If you still want to do it is ok, i recommend you trying to go more simple an fast in the new style and if you can grow with that, you will gain double because you gain time and invest. And the market is very wide so with a little appeal and correct reach you can make simple shit and grow even faster because you will made more drawings.

>> No.7180568
File: 1.90 MB, 1116x1562, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but this girl with even a little development it goes away except in extreme cut.

>> No.7180597
File: 207 KB, 703x1000, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this girls a bit of a freak but shes the rare abs and vagina bones. b/c she has the undeveloped obliques. you can clearly see the delineations between the hip flexor, the external oblique, and the Rectus abdominus.
but precisely the prominant ridge of the Hip flexor where it protrudes from within the hipbones, over the front of the hip and attaches and creates a ridge next to the leg insertions. and this ridge is in line with the crease between the ab rectus and the oblique

>> No.7180598
File: 34 KB, 519x590, furry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>im trying to apply Bridgman to draw this furry girl
Am i over thinking stuff?

>> No.7180600

its location is called the inguinal fold

>> No.7180610

Vagina bones? Isn't that called mermaid line?

>> No.7180623

noted. Thanks for clearing that hypothesis up.

>> No.7180881 [DELETED] 
File: 581 KB, 1800x2200, 243434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a scam, right?

>> No.7180889
File: 567 KB, 1800x2200, 243434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a scam right?

>> No.7180891


>> No.7180893

I have a suspicion that it it the same guy that tried to scam me on twitter the same day. It was the "hey, I sent you 3000 dollars but you'll have to pay a fee of 50 dolars to receive them " sceme. What are the chances of receiving such generous /shady offerings on the same day

>> No.7180920

Now that I think about this, it's obvious and funny at the same time.
His name is like the most typical name for a regular english-speaking white guy, imagine something like Tom Miller, yet his english is even worse than mine.
It's like having a Mark James as you partner on tech support and the first thing you hear is a thick indian accent lol. It's so obvious now.

>> No.7180966

Herbivore highschool

>> No.7181207

i'm gonna start my journey by heavily referencing pieces i like, and by heavily referencing i mean tracing
surely this will help me in practicing this skill

>> No.7181484
File: 1.45 MB, 3872x2592, d12d6ba9021896fe8f340d06f2e60372-3510778643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shadows on planes that point towards the sky get tinted by the ambient light, but shadow planes that point downwards do not. Generally they are tinted by the light reflected by the ground, which tends to be brown. Warm brown + cool blue = neutral gray. Could also just be a stylistic choice from the artist. The image has an overall warm tint so maybe he just put warm shadows because he felt that it fit the theme.

>> No.7182208

what's the difference between a 3000X3000 canvas with 72 DPI and a 3000X3000 canvas with 1200 DPI

>> No.7182247
File: 249 KB, 2085x1554, 03_-_dpi_and_print_size.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DPI is just the ratio of the pixels to the ink dots-per-inch that the printer uses. The physical size of the print changes, that's it.
Some DPI dependent effects like screen tones will look bad if the DPIs don't match.
DPI only changes the pixel resolution if you use physical page size template like A4 or 8x12 inches or whatever, If you're not printing stuff you don't need to worry about it at all, just use the default DPI and select a pixel resolution rather than a physical dimension template.

>> No.7182248

feels like DPI setting should be selected on the printer then, not in the drawing software

>> No.7182256

Yandex. Even their web search engine got vastly better results; or more like google got worse over the years...

>> No.7182315

My guy, just do it without tracing. You'll train your observation skills and may do a better job than you expected