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How much thought should go into branding?

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This far: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/never-forget-that-utterly-ridiculous-pepsi-logo-design-document

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erf, I meant
> This much

but y'all forgive me

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A lot, because that's how people are going to recognize you. That's why banding can be very good money.

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Took a design class, my professor helped develop the concept of email on a visual design level. He spoke on how this most likely was a sham and they most likely had the redesign first then tried to intellectualize it for justification
I sorta agree with him, but sorta don't. But I'm now skeptical of this

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Most of the 'justifications' or meaning behind a logo strikes me as a shame. Just say it's a good picture! Logos are essentially just the equivalent to a player avatar portrait in a videogame, they're not deep.
Nobody is looking at the McDonalds logo and thinking about how the M represents a bridge helping close the divide between people or some shit.
Though I can understand WHY they do this, big corpos need to pretend they're not shallow money grubs, and thus wants a 'deep' important logo.