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see? It's easy to draw popular stuff, you just need to keep drawing and git gud anon

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>6. draw the rest of the fucking owl

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how does step 6 look worser than step 5

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Where's the "grind 1000 floating loomis heads" step?

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I haven't even started anatomy yet and just draw gesture all the time

People tell me to try loomis but I'm lost. this looks appealing enought though

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it's like being a monkey trying to figure out how to pull a lever

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I can copy pretty well, but I can't draw anything good. I wish I could travel to the future, copy whatever popular art I see, and go back to the past to draw it before they do.

I don't have interests or a story to tell. I admit it. I don't give a shit about anything or myself.

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just copy the art of your favorite videogame, or show. you sound boring, so fix it by getting inspired a bit.

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Lmao this guy have 9999k millions followers on Xitter while begs are shitposting on /ic/

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I would need to git bad to do something like that

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I hate video games.

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Appeal matters more than skill. especially if your audience is consisted of ironic tranny weebs.

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>draws gesture without knowing anatomy
why do so many people do this?
let me guess
your gestures all look like stick figures or distorted michelin man clones?

stop ignoring foundations, learn the basic structure of things first

what ive learned is, everyone needs to be linked to one of those "Learn how to learn" courses, because the problem is people dont know how to actually learn things in general

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seems like every beginner course or teacher recommends gesture drawing despite them not even agreeing on what gesture even is

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Gesture is literally just stick figures. Your goal is to get used to how the spine & ligaments move. You're not supposed to be 1:1 copying figures. Copy studies come later, important fundamentals are perspective and proportion of the human body & VERY BASIC anatomy (anatomy also comes later)

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>Gesture is literally just stick figures
only according to some teachers, some say it's the general gist of the pose and the limbs don't matter

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I don't get it, I have a feeling the retards that say shit like "to get a following you need to be skilled", when that's a fucking lie. Consistent posting and mostly luck is how you grow. Makes me think the retards that say this are coping /beg/ shitters that think they'll finally grow by being decent.

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Whatever helps you learn, if something isn't working for you then try a different approach. Everyone has different brains.

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How does it feel knowing the OC creator will always be more popular and acknowledged than you?

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you could be like pantsu ripper and draw that guy's character and get thousands of followers.

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Ripper had thousands of followers before drawing them though

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That depends, how many thousands of followers does the OC have? I'm not too shabby myself

but at the same time numbers don't matter unless it's your profession or you enjoy competing. Drawing is fun for me so I really don't mind

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yeah but will you ever have good art or be popular

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"waaaahhh it's about the numbers wahhhhh"
What are you even doing on this board

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Choklit has thousands of followers and his art is dogshit, what's your point?

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>"but they/them are le heck wholesomerino artiste who draws le sugoi kawaii OCs who are probably bispansexually transfurry autistic aspurgers and it make your heart pp feel good while you make lotso frens on le discordé and talk about what epic porn you like and you feel soo heckin valid! wow! Just like me in skewl!! fr fr"

I dunno man, the appeal might unironically be the consumer's mental illness or autism if...
...who actually knows what discord dicks he sucked to get boosted like. Not to mention the obvious bot problem inflating already big accounts.
It don't feel like anything. Who would unironically be jealous or envious because of big numbers? Are you 12?

Post your works

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> Who would unironically be jealous or envious because of big numbers?
Anyone that use bots as any excuse on why they have no followers or for any reason at all

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>bots don't exist and if you say so you're jealous
But that is just a fact?
Although what do the voices inside your head tell you about my emotional state?
Please, do tell.

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>you can only get a following through bots and there’s no other way!!!
Being so quick to point out bots when the slightest mention of followers/popularity doesn’t help your case. You just want to feel validated for your confirmation biases.

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Bots do make up the majority of any following and the bigger the traffic, the higher the chance it attracts more bots, which in turn grow the numbers and it attracts more bots.
>you want validation
For simply saying it how it is?
Are you ok, Anon?
The number of social media followers isn't an indicator of a person's value and if you attach any form of ego or value to it, you have serious problems.

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>i-i’m just simply saying on how it is bro..
Sure you are, like you didn’t have any other motive when you were shitting on the consumer’s taste. Say how you really feel, don’t need to hide it, anon.

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It isn't an unreasonable thing to say that a majority of people have incredibly shit taste, when things like gangstamumble rap, influencers, celebrities, streamers, drama, gossip, etcetera are very successful and much consumed industries, nor do those same people think and ponder over the things they consume besides if it makes them feel a dopamine rush or not.

All your attempts at this armchair psychoanalysis only shows you to be emotionally invested in this.

You wouldn't just go on the internet to pose a question only to then try to insult and offend people who replied to you, thinking you're being witty and totally epic trolling everyone, do you?
Like i dunno man, that's kind of fucking pathetic even if you're an Anon.

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Also cute!

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Ironic, considering your first post already assuming the mental state of the consumers and have all of these theories about followers or popularity are only bots or some discord nepotism bull shit.You speak like the things you say are the absolute truth, when it’s mainly delusions. Social media is all about numbers, so why are you so serious about something like this and making up all these theories about people with different taste than you or how people grow their following? Is your mental state ok, anon?

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>anon has another schizophrenic episode
sounds like a lot of coping and seething desu fampai

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I accept your concession.

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Anon said the thing!
you're so heckin witty and epic, sister!

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Continue seething about numbers, anon. Your ideas will surely get you somewhere and not another rant about muh discord boosting.

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>cloutschizo still seething that one random anon doesn't deem meaningless numbers meaningful by spamming that he actual cares
unironically needs to cope that 80% of his followers are bots

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>look for the perfect pose that is dynamic, full of gesture, and has good composition
>carefully connect the lines and draw outlines correctly
>carefully draw the hair and clothes as accurately as I can
>looks stiff as fuck

>other people in this thread criss cross lines all the time and wont even fully draw the outline to something
>looks way better

I finally get it. construction is a virus

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Yes. "Perfect" sucks, if I wanted perfection I would just look at a photo

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>construction is a virus
Close, but no. What you're describing goes further than just construction.
Problem is that in our pursuit to make things look as functionally accurate as fundamentals dictate, we forget to make them visually pleasing, effectively neglecting the design aspect of art for the sake of following the fundamentals. You end up with a piece that looks correct, but doesnt look nice.

That said, you should definitely not ignore the fundamentals, but you have to always keep in mind that you're supposed to make something that is meant to be visually pleasing (assuming that's the end goal).
Think of it as the "security vs freedom" analogy, Fundies being the security and Appeal being the Freedom.

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>doesn't post an example of his

gay post

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Loomis talks about it in his figure book.
He says that trying to capture reality is a foolish errand since photography is a thing, and that now the artists job is to invoke flavours of reality that can't be found anywhere else

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I unironically love this MS paint renaissance we're in.

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He is better than 99% of begs on /ic/

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He has The Gene. Even when someone is hyper /beg/ you can instantly tell if their work has appeal or not. Unfortunately I don’t think that sort of thing can be taught.

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>Nearly 70k followers
Christ I thought you were kidding

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115k on instagram

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It never began for me

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Gesture is part of construction or blocking phase of figure drawing, depending on if you are drawing from imaginaton or from observation, it is design to capture the general directions and weight of the pose. The basic gist of this is generally agree upon, but some people just use different styles. While I was taking figure drawing it typically consists of 30-40 minutes of 10 -15 figure drawings, 1-3 minutes each, and 2 hours of longer poses, and typically all of the long poses will start the drawing by laying down the gesture first.

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Isn't he a known pedophile?

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"The gene" is just being complacent with your art being shit.

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>why do so many people do this?
Because every teacher, artist, video, book, etc says to start with gesture.

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am I supposed to know who this faggot it? Post their socials.

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he's hiding behind his low effort style while I'm trying to learn how to draw. Thats why he's so confident, he isn't actually trying, because he doesn't want to fail. Therefore he is not succeeding.

If I was a racecar driver and the competition decided I only got second place and first place goes to some guy in the crowd, I'd be angry and confused. He's not driving, why is he considered the winner? Why would look at the guy in crowd and try to learn how to drive from him?

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there is no race. you see it as a race and you see an imaginary ranking but there is no such thing.

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This is unironically how my art looks at it's best and I hate myself for it. I wish I could draw detailed characters like pic related.

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You can if you choose to learn how, Anon.
Just learn.

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I'm so fucking tired of drawing. I just want to have nice things drawn but they will take HOURS and I just don't have the willpower anymore. I got the twitter numbers so now there is nothing left to care about.

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if you look closely, the lines are chicken scratch and the anatomy is horrendous. vegeta's arms have lots of extra bumps and corners that are not correct anatomy, and his left bicep just has two lines nowhere near each other.
Gokus body isn't even drawn, its just a shoulder and part of another shoulder and the next. There are so many scratchy lines but the form is still shown well, somehow. If I drew this same thing but with correct anatomy, it would look like shit.

So to draw like this, you need to focus on form and gesture, those are the only things that matter. You don't even need to connect the lines when you draw a shape. You don't even need to draw a lone, you can leave some things invisible.

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Yusuke murata is known for throwing certain fundamentals out the window when he feels like it.